Ahlan Wa Sahlan

Ahlan Wa Sahlan

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Special Random Wednesday

* This Random Wednesday is a very special one:


You can thank/blame her as you wish.

* Why is it exactly that one half of my body has to be bigger than the other half of my body? I don't enjoy it.

Its down to shoes even! I could *almost* do two different sizes on my feet. And don't even get me talking about bras...

* I know that people love their dogs and religious issues with owning a dog aside I really just want to know why anyone would actually buy clothes FOR THEIR DOG.

For real, why?

And cats (Carrie) I think thats just downright cruel.

* Over lunch some of my co-workers were talking about the pigeon problem here in Minneapolis, and I was reminded of a friend who's Egyptian husband (accustomed to eating pigeons in Egypt) didn't understand why he couldn't catch the ones here. They're fat, lazy, and will often walk up to people hoping for some food. I wonder how friendly they would be if we could hunt them.

* My bus pass is up tomorrow, I'll have to shell out another $100 for a new one. I'm not happy about it, but it beats the hell outta driving.

* I really hate it when people have word-capture on their blogs for leaving comments. I might just be deficient in some way but I almost NEVER am able to get it to take my comment on the first try. I always type in the word they have, but the program hates me and spits it out.

My life is hard.

Ok! You guys know what to do. Sound off!


Deeeeeee said...

A big happy birthday to your mom!

Anonymous said...

pfff! Penny loves her elephant hat!!! Well, maybe not so much... The reason I bought it... hmm it was $1.99 and calling my name. hehe

To all the Dog people... I know your dog is friendly & everything but please keep your dog away from me. I don't share the same love for your dog. No I don't want to pet your dog. Yes I know he is friendly and doesn't bite, but I STILL don't want to pet it or have it sniff me.

Also, when you take your dog to a child's playground, can you please do so when there are no kids at the park? It's not fun having two kids climb up your body for dear life because they are terrified of your dog that you are taking down the slide. And yes, I know you dog is still friendly.
I'm not a dog hater, really. I think they are cute & silly...
But I am a dog people hater for sure.

~done venting~

Anonymous said...

Allah Gave you life :)

Mama Kalila said...

I went most of today thinking I was pregnant... I'm an idiot. & yes I didn't find out that I'm not until AFTER I told my husband & several friends...

Yusuf Smith said...

As-Salaamu 'alaikum,

The mayor here in London, Ken Livingstone, called pigeons "rats with wings" and waged a war to stop people feeding them with bread in the main square (Trafalgar Square). Nobody would ever think of eating them because they are just regarded as unpleasant filthy birds which poop everywhere - the place is much cleaner now that they're gone.

Then again, down here in New Malden we get much nicer ones, with luminescent green bits on their necks and clean "dove grey" feathers. They still hog the bird tables though (along with the squirrels) so that the cute little birds can't get their fill of nuts and seeds.

UmmLayla said...

I have to laugh at the word protection on comments... No, your not deficient, unless I am too in some way. Now you've got me thinking I should turn mine off. I did it because of spamming... But I have the same complaint. I wonder how many comments I'm missing!!!LOL

Amie said...

* Yesterday in Chicago I found a dead bird straight up on the sidewalk in front of the Stock Exchange. I ran away from it yelling, "EWWW, bird flu!!"

* Hillary Clinton was giving a speech a block away from my office today. Carolyn Kennedy was also in town about three block up. We were bombarded with Secret Service agents who searched the place to make sure there were no snipers or explosives. (I work in a very high-end diamond company.) I saw a glimpse of a short, blondish lady, but could not make it within range to hear her speaking as it was outdoor and the entire population of the city was there.

* Thank you for turning off that pesky word capture for my blog. You're my hero

* Attention extremely wealthy old people: I do not feel like re-appraising all of your crap because you've had a dispute with your family, and you'd like to will someone else that pearl necklace - or what not. Stop bringing in your entire estate for me to put in writing how you've spent nearly a million dollars on your bling over your life time. Thanks.

* Also...Attention morning commuters: It is not cool to hold up traffic because you are applying lip liner. Apply it at home or in the parking garage like other people, and get the hell out of the intersection so I can get to work on time. Thanks.

* I wrote to the Indiana state senators, basically begging for help with my husband's immigration case. I wrote to both Republican and Democrat (and included that information in the letters) in hopes of sparking some sort of bipartisan rivalry to help us...or something.

mezba said...

I used to have word capture, until I decided to approve/moderate comments - then I took it off coz I get to scan for spam anyways.

BTW if you see where some of these pigeons actually fed (like the nuclear power plant waste) lol you wouldn't be in a hurry to eat them!

Amanda said...

Haha, I have a feeling that dog comment was for me (due to new pic of my dog in a shirt on myspace)...same reason Carrie bought Penny a hat, this shirt was $1 on clearance LOL. But really, he only wore it like once :D I dont think he's a fan of them.

I agree with you Carrie that it's super duper annoying when people let their dog walk over to you and sniff/drool all over. Some dog people are REALLY annoying. Why the heck was someone taking their dog down a slide at a kids park? Weirdos.

Molly said...

Dee- thanks dear!

Carrie- wowza, yeah dog people are a little crazy, but I think anyone who puts their pet on their lap to go down a slide has a few screws loose.

anonymous- thank you very much! Ameen. Who are you? lol

Mama K- oh no! really? Is it like a dodged the bullet not pregnant, or a darn lets try again not pregnant?

Mama Kalila said...

A dodged the bullet lol... As much as I'm looking fwd to getting pg again, and oddly enough I am already lol, it's too soon. Kalila's only 7 mo's old... and we'd like a couple years in between kids. Had planned to start trying next year so it was a huge surprise when we thought we were. Glad we can get back to the plan lol. Oddly enough though I'm *almost* sad about it because I got used to the idea! LOL

Molly said...

Yusuf- Wow if you stop feeding them they will go away? I always thought they were ever present pests, short of catching and killing we'd never be rid of them.

The ones here are pretty with the luminescent feathers, and sometimes pure white ones, but they are hogs and are quite bigger than any of the other birds. Minus the falcons who like to eat them.

Ummlayla- yes you were one of the culprits. I would occasionally just not comment because I know it will take me at least two tries.

Amie- no prob, thats what I am here for.

Molly said...

Mezba- most of what any birds/livestock eats here is nuclear waste. If I were up to gutting and plucking my own fowl, and it wasn't -you know- illegal to do so, I would definitely be down with catching some pigeons.

Amanda- that comment TOTALLY was not on you, I haven't seen pics of your puppy. My myspace hasn't been dusted off in forever.