Ahlan Wa Sahlan

Ahlan Wa Sahlan

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Its Random Wednesday!

* Yesterday I got lost trying to remember where to catch my bus back home (the Mpls' one-ways making it impossible to have drop off and pick up on the same block) but was able to -finally- find another stop for my bus. But there's always reason for everything right? As I was just about to get on the bus, one foot on the step and everything, when I heard someone yell my name. I stepped off the bus and looked around to see my dad from a block away waving and yelling my name. Needless to say I missed the bus again. It was cool, I talked to him until the next bus came, kissed him, and headed home.

Remember kids, everything happens for a reason.

* I think having to wake up before eight a.m. is evil, fajr is something different because you can sleep again afterwards, but being up and functioning before the sun is something I am adamently against. Sometimes rebels have to suck it up, put on suits, and give up revolution in return for a steady paycheck. I intend to inistigate anarchy from the inside. I'll let you know how it goes.

* I complained about my last position because it didn't have any windows and I felt like I was being entombed for eight hours a day.

I have decided that windows that open up to a narrowed view of the parking ramp next door really isn't any better. But at least I feel like I can breathe.

* I miss working with M, she'd be the cherry on top of this sundae. That and cheaper bus fare. (sorry about your test honey, but good luck on thursday!)

* You need to go to this website and keep this family in your prayers. I am friends with the wife, who is an AMAZING woman with an absolutely golden heart. She's one of the few Egyptian women in the masjid who actually make me feel welcome and kind of treat me like I belong. They don't deserve this, please pray for them to win their hearing. I've never met her husband, but I believe he is the one who does the translating of khutbahs and dars (halaqas) and the things I have heard about him are nothing but outstanding. Good people don't deserve bad things.

Unfortunately a part of growing up is realizing that the boogeyman is real (and much meaner than five year-olds could ever imagine) and that fairytales don't exist. No one ever lives happily ever after and no fairytale shows Mr and Mrs Cinderella during tax time.

* I also have not done my taxes yet.

Now, remember guys, another thing about random Wednesdays is sounding off on your own random thoughts in my comments section.

You know you've got annoying thoughts that don't really matter or apply to anything always buzzing around in your head. Let them free.


Mama Kalila said...

Ooo - I like that last idea! I'm good at being random...

Unfortunately it's late (LOL who would have thought I'd say taht at 11 pm) & after much screaming, followed by splashing, I got my daughter to bed & if it weren't for my husband being at work still I'd head that way myself!

I was going somewhere completely different than I ended when I wrote that last part... Oh, that I wouldn't make much sense... I think I proved my point lol.

BTW - I love reading your blog, esp Random Wednesdays!

UmmLayla said...

***Big Sigh*** Well, I feel for the family in your link. Wow, kinda makes me scared for the things we are about to file for!

My random thought... Why are all airline taxes different? I want you all to go search tickets to Cairo and notice that even if the ticket price is low final amounts manage to reach about 1,200 because of taxes and fees. $775, $898... The taxes get applied and the final price is the same. I HATE shopping for airline tickets!!!GRRRR.

alajnabiya said...

Can you put a plant in that window at work? Something green and alive soothes the eyes and even improves the air quality. And maybe blocks the view of the ramp.

mezba said...

May Allah help those in need. I really can't get used to the idea that bad things sometimes happen to good people.

Molly said...

mama kalili- can't get any more random than that. I love having people who will participate! I know I can't be the only random person on earth. lol

And thanks, I love having you here.

Ummlayla- right? isn't it awful? and they so don't deserve it. They would have it easier if one of them were a citizen like you and I happen to be, which makes things a little bit safer for you or I. But like my friend UmmAbdurrahman shows, not everything is foolproof. Everyone has to be ready for everything.

*sad face* and that family just doesn't deserve it. A true light would go out if we lost them.

Airline tickets? Its like the gas prices, they keep switching it up all the time so we never know whos coming or going and when where and for what.

I think they're terrorists.

Alajnabiya- its one of those windows with the chicken fence inside and it doesn't open. Plus I kill plants by looking at them. If anything I wish I could set up a fake palm tree, paint the room blue, and continuous-play an oceans sounds casette.

One day when I have my own office I will do just that. InshAllah.

Mez- neither can I, my heart still wants to believe in fairytales. :(

alajnabiya said...

You could try a snake plant (aka "mother-in-law's tongue). They need little light and thrive on neglect.

I'm surprised when bad things don't happen to good people. I think I've been in Palestine too long.