Ahlan Wa Sahlan

Ahlan Wa Sahlan

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wednesday and Random (Updated with even more delicious Randomness)

* I looked for the price of flights last week and was so excited, and then I looked for the price of the same flight today and it has jumped by $400. Please, someone, shoot me now. I literally feel like I'm going to throw up.

Except now I looked for just a one way flight and its cheaper, which is the first time I've found that. Alhumdulillah. I might go home and book it tonight inshAllah. Before they raise it due to gas prices... again.

How do you say high blood pressure in Arabic?

* If I get the aforementioned flight (inshAllah) then I will have a layover in Amman, Jordan. I'm so excited about that you have no idea. I don't think that having a layover in an area means than you've been to that area, but I'm sure excited about being able to see it as we land.

* I HAVE THE FLIGHT. Alhumdulillah. I love my mom.

* I remember flying into Cairo and seeing the pyramids as the plane did a turn for landing. It was a spectacular moment. There was also a time when my husband and my inlaws and I were at DreamPark and hubby and I were riding the Condor. Everytime the ride would turn the pyramids would rise up against the desert at the edge of the park. It was the coolest thing I had ever seen but my husband, the born and bred Cairene who long long long ago ceased to be amazed by them, had the camera and it didn't occur to him to take a picture. Such a shame. Next time we go I will make sure to be well photographically armed.

* Every morning on the same bus I find myself in the same intersection with a tiny black car that has a big huge sign in its back window saying "NOT ONE MORE DEATH, END THE WAR IN IRAQ" and my insides brighten just a little bit. Now I'm just awed at the fact that we always seem to be in the same intersection at the same time. Every. Day.

* I just bought my first cd in like, I don't know, five years. And it was worth it. I discovered a (new?) band called Pacifika. They're from Canada (but don't hold that against them) and they play these absolutely wonderful fusion sunny afternoon type songs. I love it and you probably will too. Oh, but they sing in Spanish, though even if you don't understand the words, I think you'll understand the meaning. I highly recommend checking them out. They're first single is on youtube and its called "Me cai" and I recommend playing it but not watching the video because its nothing but the main singer making body contortions. And its kind of weird, but the music is good. There's also another video that has their second-best song on the LP called "Paloma" and its this great flamenco-flavored song, but I can't remember the video title.

* I'm still freaking out about flights but my mom promised to book the flight when she got home this morning. InshAllah.

Omg. Breeeeeeeeeeathe.

* OH! So I totally forgot but last night after work I had a serious craving for Pho Tai so I went over to Frogtown to one of the many Vietnamese "cafes" on University Ave. I went to one I hadn't been to since my first prom night SO many years ago, and on my way there stumbled across an Islamic Dawaa Center. In Frogtown. How awesome is that? And not only this but when I went into the cafe I was reassured by the waitress, without even having to ask or insinuate, that everything on the menu was only beef and chicken, no pork. Again how awesome is that? I will definitely go in there more often. I also enjoyed the 1980's Vietnamese lounge music, which furthered tickled my kitsch-bone when it turned into 1980's Vietnamese French lounge music duets. Awesomely cheesy.

I'm so discombobulated right now, I can't put two thoughts together. I might add more randomness later, but I'm looking to you guys to fill the randomness quota for today in my comments section.

You know you wanna.


Hijabi Apprentice said...

Asalaamu Alaikum Ukhtee!

Let the randomness begin:

*last night i made some ridiculously delicious shrimp fried rice.

*the hubster and i fell into a deep coma like sleep after eating said rice.

*i teared up to a Gloria Estefan song in Albertson's last night.

*i'm STILL dehydrated! OY!

Molly said...

drink more water!!! I loved the thing about you tearing up to gloria estefan, those are some hormones there. lol :D Love your randomness.

Hijabi Apprentice said...

LOL! It was my sweet Hybrid's fault! I'm guzzling water as we "speak".

ammena said...

masha'allah.. glad you got your flight.. you nervous? I will be insha'allah booking my one way flight back to uk soon and it freaks me out :P my randomness:
* I just received my canadian passport :)
* I had a dream the other night about introducing h2b to my family, and I ate a meat pie during the time (Im veggie) but i spat the meat right out :P
* my skin seems to be getting more spotty and I feel like a teenager, so unfair!

Molly said...

Ammena- I am terrified. Even more terrified that its a one way, although having a two way wouldn't really do me any good since I don't know when I am coming back.

Its so final and I'm excited and terrified. Its coming so fast.

When will you leave inshAllah?

Hijabi Apprentice said...

sorry one more random:

*i literally just teared up reading a hyderabadi food blog. the food looked so good it made me cry.

Molly said...

why hyderabad?

Amie said...

My randomness:

*My sister and I were at a cafe and witnessed a driver bash into someone's car while trying to park - TWICE, and drive off. We got the plates and called the po'

*My Egyptian, city boy husband is slowly becoming a suburbanite now that we live in the 'burbs. Yesterday I spotted him removing dandelions and weeds from the lawn

* My grandpa hung out with my husband all night last night. I think he's finally coming around to admit he's not a crazy Ay-rab with a funny accent he can't understand. He's sweet and making nice gestures. He bought us turkey bacon.

* My awesomely awesome friend Amani gave me a beautiful pink jade bangle bracelet just because.

* I like the occasional chick flick, but last night we watched Catch and Release. It was wayyyy too long and weird. Maybe since we married and my husband will only watch horror and action, I've become immune to chick flicks?


Organic-Muslimah said...

I came home from school early today because I am feeling like crap. I am sick again. All I wanted to do was sleep. But to my surprise, a woman was sitting in front of my building with a fancy clipboard. Turns out, Verizon decided to install their cables in my building. The lady assured me that her 'crew' will only be working for a couple of hours and they will be absolutely no bother at all.

I walked into my beautifully organized room, to find a mess. My things were on my bed and someone had emptied it for the crew (my father confirmed that it was him!). Needless to say, I was pissed.

Five and half hours later, they are still working in and out of my apartment. It's 80 degrees here and I get to wear my hijab all day. Yay!

P.S: I decided to sear steak, caramelize onions, baby portobello Mushrooms, and top it all off with gravy. I am awesome like that.

Tejermia said...

I feel you on the outrageous airline fares. I booked my flight back in January for Egypt in July. I cant wait to be there in the summer. I have always gone in December. Even back in January the prices were going up weekly. I finally had to just buy it.

Hijabi Apprentice said...

"why hyderabad?"

i was just having a strong craving for that kind of food and it looked so good.

Anonymous said...

molly!!!!!!!!!!! I missed not having you come to the womens expo this year!!! It was so much smaller then it was last year, but still fun! My favorite thing I got this year from the expo is a nylon dog frisbee lol Eisa and I play with it soooo much hehe

Mona said...

High blood pressure= Daght 3Alee.

Yay for the ticket!
Amie, I saw that movie and it's not just you...It was really long (feeling) and boring, and I like Jenifer Garner.

Unknown User said...

This blog came up in a random blog search on my comp...and I can't help but post a random comment ;-)

Coincidently, I picked up the album by Pacifika too and yes, it IS their first album. I’m usually quite a cynic when it comes to music but this band blew me away. For those who are yet to discover them, try out their free mp3.

Fatimah said...

Aslamu Aleakum Molly!
Happy for you that u bought your ticket, bought mine in march for July and it was very high($1689) but worth it!!!
Was wondering if you can give me some suggestions about surviving the heat there!!!!!!I was told to wear only light colored higab and all 100% cotton clothing....can't wait to be there, insha allah!
thanks, Fatimah

gulnari said...

Mi guerita latina pero gringa musulmana! I just noticed that and I think it's the cutest thing ever.

I will definitely check out that band ! Thanks for the recommendation. :D

* I was craving some mango con chile and the first thought that popped into my mind was "Que ricura!" But... it kinda sounded dirty and killed my craving. :D Cause I remember women uttering "QUE RICURA!" when looking at pictures of bare-chested men. I personally don't think naked mans are anything close to "ricura". I'm just not aroused by man boobs.

* I'm running low on makeup and I need to go stock up. Recommend me something oh Hottie McSteamy! (seriously... please)

* Speaking of makeup.. how do you keep your eyeliner, mascara and/or face makeup from melting in the hot Egyptian sun? How do you deal with that?

* The snowy weather is destroying me. I'm incredibly depressed.

* AMO random wednesdays.

* Have you ever been into reading or collecting zines?

* We should make a zine together of all our random brain vomits.

gulnari said...

P.S. Do you have Facebook?

Molly said...

Amie- My hero on the car thing, I can't believe they would do that. Incidentally someone hit my car while parking at a different job of mine, and they left a note with a number for their office that wasn't actually the phone number for their office. I get it aussaged their guilt to leave a number, but it didn't have to be their number.

And I kind of hate chick flicks. Especially romantic comedies. I don't know that you could pay me to watch catch and release.

Organica- I hope you feel better honey, I would be pissed if someone messed up my room. But your dinner sounds delightful.

Tejermia- hablas espanol? your name sounds pura latina. My husband actually got mad because I bought the ticket without consulting him, but the prices were going up and I freaked out. So are you going to be here this summer??? We should have a meeting of everyone who is going to be in Egypt this summer/fall. There's a lot of us.


Carebear- did you get another drink milk picture? And hey! You never called me to tell me wht the baby is!!!!!! I saw Um layth on your myspace, so its a boy???

Anonymous said...

heheh Yup its a BOY :) Sorry about no calling.. i have been in another world these days

No, I didn't get a milk picture, they were not there this year... They had that crazy hair salon on the stage there.

Last year was so much better with all of the vendors... but this year was nice too... it seemed ore organized and they gave everyone a big black back to collect our goodies in. I plan to use my bag for grocery's :)I'm earth friendly like that hehe

Oh, the Cultural Cup was at the womens expo! It was nice seeing them there :)

Molly said...

Monita- Thanks, I knew I could count on you for the vocab. I can't wait to be in Egypt.

Unknown- of all the ways to find my blog! I really think that ones the best. What was the search term you used? And welcome! I hope you enjoy it. :D I'm glad I found someone else who loves Pacifika, I am kind of a music snob. I love all music but I rarely will pay for anything but the best, and their cd was so worth it. Right now I have mas y mas stuck in my head. good stuff. Thank you for the link!!

Fatimah- Omgoodness, $1689?? I'm not even paying and it hurts me to see that number.

Surviving the heat? Make sure to have air conditioning. And I guess the best advise I can give is to tell anyone that they're going to have to be ok with constantly sweating and constantly being wet with sweat. Other than that the most important thing to remember AND ITS IMPORTANT is to make sure you are drinking a lot of water. You don't realize how much you lose in sweat there so you have to double or triple your normal water intake. Also don't go anywhere thats without shade during the height of the day. You may not notice any real difference in temperature but you are actually baking even worse. Like for explample I went to the Mohamed Ali Mosque during the afternoon, its up on the top of a hill, very little shade, and much more what I call white light. Its the same at the pyramids, no shade. Anyways that light really bakes you, and you notice it even less because it dries your sweat so you feel like you're sweating less. I got really sick after day and didn't realize how hot I was.

Other than those observations I am still a newbie at being in Egypt.

Molly said...

Gulnarita- Q ricura?? hahahahahaha

I'm craving some mango with chile, but even more I'm craving elotes con mayonesa y queso y chile y todo. Know what I'm sayin? And I feel ya on the man-boobs, its just not pretty.

And I'm really not the girl to ask about makeup, I've had the same bottle of CG foundation for about 4 years. And I haven't even used 1/3 of it. I'm going to throw it out and get some new stuff for my cousin's wedding and my waleema in Egypt, but other than that I almost never wear makeup. I wear kohol, but like never anything else unless I'm going for a job interview.

I would say it has to be impossible to keep foundation from running in Egyptian heat, seriously. As for Kohol, revlon has a 16 hr wear eye liner that I use and it is really good. If you do get foundation and powder, get waterproof otherwise you're just going to sweat right through it.

I do have a facebook but I never use it and I have a myspace
here but I rarely open it now, but I DO open it, which is more than I can say for my facebook.

Facebook annoys me.

mezba said...

Egypt seems to be the place to go this summer - couple of my colleagues are going there for their honeymoon (in the summer?!!!)

Do post some pics when you are over there, as well as the must-see stuff!!

ammena said...

insha'allah Ill be leaving after ramadhan :)

Mama Kalila said...

Aggh! I missed it! I forgot yesterday was Random Wedsnesday.

Wasn't completely my fault though, my husband took over the comp yesterday... and we've been fighting a battle w/ our apartments over a new dishwasher.. we won - but only after I made a fuss about it. Still not happy though, the maintenance guy talked down to me like I'm an idiot (My guess is for being female).

Amanda said...

I love random Wednesdays! Yay, you got your flight? When do you leave? Are you going to be gone forever? :(

It's funny what you said about the lady warning you about the pork...the other day Yasir and I went out to eat at this place and the lady was like, "our beef is halal just so you know cause our owner is Muslim" and I was like, "oh thanks but we don't eat meat" and then she reiterated like 3 more times after that. I think she thought we didn't believe her or something lol.

As for my random thought, I've been meaning to post it here for a while now. Wind. Yeah, wind. Isn't it like every hijabi's worst nightmare? Every single day when I walk into work it's freaking windy, and my hijab blows all over and looks retarded and my clothes get blown against my skin so tight that I might as well have just gone naked. I always try to bring my big purse to work so I can kinda "cover" myself in the front until I get inside.