Ahlan Wa Sahlan

Ahlan Wa Sahlan

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Misery Loves Company

I've had a migraine since yesterday and I can't seem to think my way through it.

Hopefully I can shake it before tomorrow so we don't miss Random Wednesday.

I know how sad you'd be.

If only someone would hit me with a hammer right between the eyes, somehow I think that would make me feel better.



UmmLayla said...

Ask a pharmacist in Egypt about imigran 100mg. I swear by it, and anyone who visits gets the pitiful and/or tearful request to bring it for me!LOL Walahi it works wonders and the alternative here in the US costs like $10 a pill. Hmph.

Molly said...

you're my hero.

Mr.MM said...

I can hit you by my lips between your eyes i think it will work.

Aeryn said...

Asalaam Alaikum,

I get migraines as well, they are icky. I found out a little while back that legumes cause mine, and it has been very helpful in reducing the number. Do you have any foods that seem to trigger yours?


Molly said...

mr mm- hopeless romantic.

areyn- actually I doubt its a food allergy, all of my headaches come from stiff neck, my muscles have the tendency to calcify and that makes them hard and knotted and gives me headaches. the only thing that works for me is excedrin migraine (not always) or going to the chiropractor.

HOWEVER you actually not far off on the food thing though, I find that too much sugar will give me a headache, as well as colored soda, so I avoid eating too much of either.

I'm also considering trying to cut down on the red 50 intake, but thats uber hard considering its in EVERYTHING.

but my headache today and yesterday are directly neck related.

:) so like what did you cut out of your diet to reduce legumes? Are you allergic to them?

I mean I know like lentils, but someone just told me the other day that some surprising food is considered a legumes.

Aeryn said...

I have to avoid all forms of peanuts. I try to keep as much soy as I can out of my diet. I don't eat any lentils, and I try to avoid beans, but I love chili so sometimes I do eat them. I have been told that it isn't necessarily considered an allergy, more like a sensitivity. Its odd. Also nutrasweet and MSG cause me migraines as well.

But of course it is not always easy to avoid everything all the time, thank Allah it is not an life threatening allergy. I take zomig and fioricet for my migraines and they work really well for me. I used to end up in the ER a lot, but I don't any more. Alhamdulilah.

I get migraines from stress and around my monthly as well, so it is kind of all over the place with things that cause them. I used to take depakote to try to prevent them, but I gained so much weight on it that I stopped taking it.

Insha'Allah you are feeling better. I love your blog, just fyi, I started reading it not too long ago, and now I am back every couple of days. :-)

Take care,


janene said...


sorry to hear about the migraines!
I hope you feel better soon, insha'allah.

Mona said...

That sucks Molly. You can always try the Egyptian way of tying something around your head tighter than a vice. I don't know if it works but it just feels good when you take it off.

Amie said...

I get the dreaded migraines from low blood pressure, and like you, stiff muscles. Like Mona said, my Egyptian husband, in all his glory, tied a scarf around my head, right at the temple line, and it actually worked. I actually know massage therapy to relieve headaches if you'd like to drive down. : P Also, as I see you take excedrin - my favorite cocktail: excedrin migraine with an advil pm with an Arabic/Turkish coffee chaser. That coffee works wonders. Salamtek, habibti.

Anonymous said...

Yeah ali won biggest looser! woo hoo
i love what she said about her "have you ever had a dream...."

Sorry to hear about your headache. I was also going to recommend going to a chirporator but i seen in your comments that you go sometimes.

I went to the chandler masjid on Sat for a lecture called iPray.
And the guy was telling us a story about one iman he knew was traveling with some other muslim.
It was time to pray so the iman went to the corner and started praying. then some old man came up to the other muslims around him and said, "What is that man doing? Why is his head on the ground?" They told him he praying. So when the imam was done praying the old man asked him again why he put his head on the ground. And the Imam told him that he is Muslim and this is how Muslim pray. The old guy told him that he has terrible migraines and that was the only position (with his head being on the ground) that relived it and gave him some peace.
Anyway they said that they chatted more and the old man went to the masjid about a week later and started learning about Islam.

hehe anyway just thought i would share :P

Molly said...

was it peanuts? I am thinking someone told me peanuts were legumes and I was shocked? I can't remember. Thats crazy, I know I have a sensitivity to aspartame and other artificial sweeteners, and I think I'm just developing a sensitivity to sugar period.

alhumdulillah my migraines are not so bad that I end up in the ER, usually I am able to (as I did Monday night when I went home early) put an ice pack on my forehead and eyes and/or on my neck, and sleep.

At the worst they make me throw up and then once I throw up I feel a little bit better.

I really do not get them as bad as I have seen others, but they're no fun even if one only gets them once in a blue moon.

From today I think I'm gonna start watching out for the red food dye as well, like REALLY looking out, not just staying away from red-colored things.

Mona and Amie- you know, on monday when it was the worst I had my hijab on but shut my office door at work and took it off, and it made me head hurt worse. There may be something behind that theory.

Amie I will pay you to come here if you would massage the kinks out of my neck. lol.

Carrie- YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY I was so excited last night. SO excited! I was worried when roger was picked by the voters (wtf ppls?) but when she made it, omg. And Kelly, wow mashAllah, she really worked hard at home, she looked great.

How is the chandler masjid? I have yet to be there, I totally forgot about it. When they showed Ali climbing rocks back in phx, do you know where it was? It looked like arrowhead to me, but if she's in Mesa it prolly wasn't, did you recognize it?

Miss Muslimah said...

Hey! its random wednesday! lol

Hijabi Apprentice said...

I must be having a sympathy headache. I had one since yesterday afternoon :(.

Anyhow hope you're feeling better because, as Miss Muslimah said, it's random Wednesday :).

Anonymous said...

hmm I didn't see the part of her climbing rocks, i was putting away our dinner last night and so i might have missed it.

Honestly Kelly doesn't look that different to me. I think because she has such a chunky face and thats all I look at I guess.

I was so glad that the 2 brothers didn't win. I couldn't stand how they would cry all the time! ugh I had started to get to a point where I just put them on mute hehe Kelly too!

Bernie, Dan, and Britney look really good!

I like the Chandler masjid! They seem very active over there with groups and classes.

Hope you are feeling better today!

Molly said...

Happy girls?

Carebear- bernie was a hottie. I'm so glad he won. And yes, it was a running joke in my house how many times whatshisface was going to cry that episode. I mean, I'm all for men being in touch with their emtoions, but to cry that much in public when it doesn't involve getting punched in the nads or the death of your favorite pet, its just too much.


I'm so glad Ali won, like crazy glad.

Why didn't you like kelly?

Anonymous said...

because kelly cried so much too. plus her ex annoyed me also! hehe
i loved how on the finally the host Ali brought it up with him! lol I bet that is why Roger got the spot before him.
True, I am with you about men crying.. i don't mind but ALL THE FREAKING TIME! blah!

Molly said...

dude kelly did not cry that much. whatever.

but yeah her ex was like a complete freak, did you notice how his gf looked JUST LIKE KELLY?

I wonder how their relationship was after she saw the show and how much he talked about wanting Kelly back. He was such a loser.

yeah I told my mom he didn't get picked because he cried too much. I was so worried when they picked roger cuz I thought he was gonna beat them and I soooo wanted Ali to win.

also, my theory is that the trainer chick is a complete lesbo and that she had a thing for Brittney. Your thoughts?

Anonymous said...

hahaha I dont think Jillian is a lesbo hehe i think she does favor people cuz when Ali came back Jillian was all up in her grill and working with her more then the others. it was her new project!

Kelly did cry a lot! not as much towards the end but in the begging.. It was always during the weigh in's... Then the cry baby brother took over the crying for her!


Can't wait to next season!