Ahlan Wa Sahlan

Ahlan Wa Sahlan

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Random Wednesday!!

* ALI WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats all I gotta say.

* There are some things I've noticed about bus drivers; and I mean everyone complains that they're a bit loony but its a tough job and I don't blame them. Heres the thing I have noticed though: the freaky-looking drivers (you know the ones that resemble picasso's work) are always way cool and down to earth, but the ones who look completely normal are absolutely crackers. Like I-will-follow-you-home-and-kill-your-dog crackers.

* Just to follow up on the city bus, do you remember your school bus driver from back in the day? Didn't they always seem old? Positively ancient? I remember my bus driver was like in her mid-30's but now when I look at the people driving the buses I can't imagine they're much older than the kids they're busing around. Yesterday the city bus I was on passed a school bus and I'm not sure the driver was much older than 11. I mean, of course she is but she didn't look that much older. It kind of creeps me out.

* Reason number 3,456 for why living in MN is so cool: Regions hospital is doing some major construction and, ever ones to squeeze ad space out of everything, they covered the orange plastic construction fencing with a very HUGE ad for the hospital.

Why is that cool? Because they're advertising with a picture of a hijabi.

Word up. Adveritising. With a hijabi.

Who would have thought we were more open-minded than most "Muslim" countries out there?

* I'm becoming like super anal about plastics, I hate them because its just a bunch of trash that NEVER GOES AWAY. Paper? Whatev, it disintegrates. Water conservation? Most of our water is recycled anyways. But plastic, oh plastic hangs around longer than our gene pool probably will. So I get mad when products like Benadryl Perfect Measure come out and people buy it. Quit being $&%#ing lazy and measure out your kid's allergy meds with a spoon.

I swear this kind of cultural attitude will be the end of our world.

* Speaking of trash, now that the snow is melted all sorts of trash that was ensconsed in said snow bank are out for the world to see. In the middle of the divide on 36 is a teddy-bear someone lost at some point. Face down and lonely. I notice him every day on the way to work. Poor teddybear.

* I got a chance to chat with the lovely Organica and it turns out she knows everyone I know, its kind of creepy.

* A few minutes ago one of the guys who works in Med Records popped his head in the room and says, "There's peanut-butter cookies in the break room." When I jumped up to get some I asked, "How did you know I love pb cookies?"

He laughs and says, "Cuz you a woman."

Ladies, they're on to us.

Ok miss muslimah and hijabi apprentice, happy? ;~)

Its YOUR turn everyone. Sound off peoples, whats your randomness for today?


ammena said...

nice randomness... I have some comments, pb cookies? I think his answer should have been, 'cause youre a north american woman' I detest pb and dont know anyone from uk who likes it! As for the rubbish around.. I noticed it too, now all the snow has melted and I was in my living room yesterday, noticed a guy parked outside. He opened his door and was stood outside the car then threw a coke can onto the grassy area that divides the parkign spaces from the pavement next to the road on the other side... subhanallah, I couldnt believe it. Seriously ppl realise what youre doing! there was a big skip for waste right next to him *shakes head*

Organic-Muslimah said...


I am not kidding about my psycho co-worker. I think he will go on a rampage soon. And I probably will be first because I make fun of him, OUT LOUD.

I am screwed.

I brought healthy snacks to class today: a banana, 2 small cucumbers (whole), cashews and yogurt. For some odd reason, everyone felt *weird* about my whole cucumbers and bananas. What the hell is wrong with people?

Molly said...

Ammena- whats a skip? Is that like a trash bin? lol. And yes, I guess he would have to confine it to that, but he's American so to him we're the only ones in the world.

And seriously, what do you have against pb? Its like creamy goodness.

Organica- rampage? And you'll make fun of him? Not hide under a desk?

And what do you mean wierd? like "*giggle giggle snort* she's biting off the end of a cucumber" pre-teen humor weird?

mezba said...

Do you have a picture of that hijabi ad?

Molly said...

I just might be able to hook that up. maybe. we'll see, but currently no.

Mama Kalila said...

I love Random Wednesdays.. I think I've become addicted to them.

I agree on the plastic thing... We have tons (literally tons & considering the weight for one this is rediculous) of plastic bags here in our apt. I've started using them as diaper bags inside my genie now that we've switched to CD's.

I'm with ammena - I don't care for pb cookies... Don't get me wrong, like pb, just not in a cookie. Is best w/ chocolate... or pickles. I love my peanut butter & pickle sandwiches!

Your cucumber comment made me laugh too btw.. I was wondering the same thing! Sounds like a good snack to me...

Can't really think of anything random of my own right now... my brain is stuck looking fwd to tomorrow and thinking about my next blog. We're headed to the zoo (so excited!!!) & I got video's of my little one scooting around that I'm gonna post.

Molly said...

omg scooting babies!!!! give me a tickle when you have that posted. I can't see videos on this computer, work firewalls yada yada, but I'll check it out at home.

uhm... pb and pickles?

Hijabi Apprentice said...

salaams. lol @ seeing my name in the post.


peanut butter is the business! i will only eat jif (one thing that will remain non-organic). i keep a jar at my desk to smear indiscriminately on banana, bagel, apple and other stuff.

i still have a headache :(.

i think pregnancy is making me lazy (okay lazier).

i often find blogs i like but then forget their names.

ma'a salaamah,


Hijabi Apprentice said...

"I love my peanut butter & pickle sandwiches!"

Wow! This is interesting!

Mona said...

Most people her think PB is weird but we lurve it. On toast, balady bread, apples, with banana in a sandwich. We have to settle for the mediocre egyptian kind 'cause JIF is freaking $30le a jar.

I'd never heard of that benadryl thing, I bet they tout how it's more accurate blablabla, people have been able to measure out medicine forever without a problem, what a waste.

OOH OOH! I knew what a skip was from watching Perfect Housewives!! People throw trash here all.the.time. it's seriously my biggest peeve about Egypt.

Molly said...

HA- I left you a comment on your blog about your headaches.

Mona- aywa, the trash got me as well. They just toss it wherever they feel like it. ugh.

in egypt someone tried to pawn off tahini and molasses as being just like pb&j.

yep, I wasn't buying it.

Mama Kalila said...

:-D I finally got them up... Took awhile lol.

Mona said...

"in egypt someone tried to pawn off tahini and molasses as being just like pb&j."

That cracks me up. Like saying eating gibna romy is like cheddar!

Safiya Outlines said...

Salaam Alaikum,

I love seeing hijabi's in adverts. There's a hijabi in a nokia advert, for the n series...

Ok I've found a link to it, spent 5 mins looking for it just for you ;)


P.S While we're on about dodgy Egyptian substitutes - Bisco Misr cornflakes - vile, tasteless and possibly cardboard.

Mina said...

the ones who look completely normal are absolutely crackers. Like I-will-follow-you-home-and-kill-your-dog crackers.

You have some wild imagination
and thats why I love random wednesdays yippie!!!

Molly said...

mama k- I totally forgot to check last night, now I'm mad at myself. Have to wait for tonight, your little scooter is awfully cute mashAllah.

monita- eating gibna romy is like cheddar!

yep, its not.

tell you what pumpkin, my mom's already on the mindset that she'll be sending me love packages from home that include pb, I'll ask her to throw in an extra jar when she does and pass it on to you ;) inshAllah.

Ms. Outlines you are a darling, I will check it out when I get home. Is it a british advert? Cuz I can't imagine the US airing a TV ad with a hijabi.

Thanks for the warning on the misr cornflakes, I learned last summer that nothing tastes the same in Egypt. Chipsy? Nah. Doritos? Def not.

*sigh* I think I will get very skinny in Egypt, inshAllah. ;)

Mina- lol! I tell it like I see it. Theres this one guy who drives the bus I take back home most days, and he's got that Norman Bates gleam in his eye.

Miss Muslimah said...

Why is it that........no,sorry i really have nothing to share :(

but yeah,it was a nice little surprise to see "my name" in your post.Cool :-)

Hijabi Apprentice said...

"Theres this one guy who drives the bus I take back home most days, and he's got that *Norman Bates gleam* in his eye."

LOL! Pure comedy there! But it's true about the bus drivers. Ours used to be late all the time and it took us scary suburbanites months to report him because he looked like he would drive us off the bridge if we got too mouthy.

Mina said...

hehe better watch ur back then...
You don't know what these bus drivers are capable of.

ammena said...

pb and pickle?? is there no other non- N american reading this blog to agree with me? to stand with me and say eeeeeeeee? :) yes sorry skip= big garbage bin that sit outsidde apartment buildings. I cant believe u just got me to say garbage! :( after 4 years im still finding words that noone understands :P thanks sis.. makes me realise the smallness of myself in this big world. Humbling :D masha'allah

Mona said...

Molly, very sweet of you my dear! Yea those biscomisr cornflakes are ridiculous. Soggy on contact!
I lost some weight when I first got here cause I didn't like anything but then I lowered my standards. You are right...nothing is the same, not the M&M's not the pampers, not the always nothing.
YAY for the hijabi on the nokia ad!

Yasmine said...

That randomness was sure hilarious...you feel the same way about the plastic thing the way I do... its almost ridiculous how people come out with new methods so that it permits people to be more LAZY... Get a bike yall :(