Ahlan Wa Sahlan

Ahlan Wa Sahlan

Friday, April 4, 2008

Memory of Egypt

In keeping with my 'missing Egypt' mood. Something written when I missed and remember my husband.

I can taste it, the dust in the air poignant, stagnant, choking, breathing, living dust. Laughter in warraq the smoke of trash burning, the bark of the dogs. Horns and donkies side by side somewhere, but here, just him and I. I can taste his sweat and he pulls my hair, hushed love above the dirt streets. No, alleys. It is an alley where the bawebs' children play. Women peddling fateer and sweets. Below, loud voices. But above the caucaphony hushed, quiet, hurried love. He pulls my hair, heavy lidded eyes. I love you, he says. Awy, awy, awy, I reply, hushed by lips and laughter in warraq. Hushed, sweet, sensitive love, I love you, he says. Awy, awy, I reply.


Mr,MM said...

baby i missed you very much i am so yearning to be with you again habibiti ,i can't wait to be with my wonderful wife, today when i was playing soccer i was thinking about you i can't stop thinking about your coming inshaa Allah, i missed your hair your eyes your lips your checks your ears your hands your smile your laugh your voice, if I want to say how much I love you I need to fill all the blogger pages but alas I don't have a sweet tongue like yours ;) I love you so much baby.

Amie said...

beautiful. I can't wait until Mr. Bashir and I can finally go "home."

luckyfatima said...

3eib! 3eib! It's getting waaayyyy too hot on this blog.

Amanda said...

haha, luckyfatima...right??????!!!!

janene said...

Molly I know a convert who is currently living in Cairo. If you want some more info (I know this is strange offer since you don't know me...but still, if you want her email, I can pass it along to you). She is quite friendly, conservative. Intereestingly enough, she has a twin sister and they BOTH converted, alhumduallah.

Molly said...

Ya mr mm- inta kol haga fi hayati.

hahaha you girls are much too heated for your own good. sure it was a passionate writing but it doesn't mean it has to be dirty :P

Janene, I'm all for contacts in Egypt :)

Anonymous said...

i'm sorry sister...i enjoy ur writing and ur blog, but i think this is very private writing that should be kept private between the 2 of you. just my advice from one sister to another. i hope i don't offend.

Molly said...

why does it have to be private? It does involve my husband but also involves the rest of my family and the love and the laughter.

its a passionate writing, but it is not about sex.

ppl need to rearrange their thinking on things.