Ahlan Wa Sahlan

Ahlan Wa Sahlan

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

It's Random Wednesday Ya'll

* Last week I was on the bus ride home when I noticed another woman from the corner of my eye who kept kept giving me surreptitious glances. I realized why when I glimpsed the cover of the book she was reading: Inside the Jihad

* Last week I was walking to the bus when I was ambushed by a creepyoverly-friendly somali woman with a very odd lisp. What I was able to understand from her heavy lisp (we're not talking accent here we're talking lisp; she turned c/k sounds into t sounds) was that she didn't want to marry (or had already married more than once) a Somali guy, and so could she marry my brother, please? (Assuming he was an Ameritan like me.)

My non-existant brother was very flattered but unfortunately unable to take her up on the offer.

* It is the end of winter (thank God) and, as usual, the roads in Minnesota have begun to resemble crater-filled battlefields. Weather in Minnesota is so tough on roads that road makers test out new road materials up here; if they can survive, they're good to go for anywhere else. This doesn't help me much when I'm dodging shetland pony-sized potholes and cracks that could swallow small cats.

* I finally went and got the necessary tax forms (procrastinor? me? nah) to do my taxes this weekend, and I really think it is idiosyncratic to have the statue of liberty on the front of the forms. Not now, not in this government.

Maybe I grabbed the tax forms meant for the rich people, that would explain the statue on the front. They're the only ones who are liberated from taxes.

But you know what the say, two things are certain in life: death and ....

* I hate it when people call in to make an appointment and then hmmm and haaa or even look around for their calendars. YOU CALLED TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT, KNOW WHEN YOU HAVE TIME OPEN. Its not that hard of a concept, I'm not here to sit on hold while you dig through two feet of paper on your desk to find out when you're available.

Oh, and for those of you on the opposite end who have already decided you want to see Dr Soandso on Friday at 11 am, its not my fault if they don't have an opening. Get over yourself.

I feel mildly better.

* Hi, I'm Molly and I'm addicted to the Biggest Loser. And I hope Ali wins.

* I BOUGHT GLASSES!! Ahem, someone never sent me my glasses (s...) and I kept getting red eyes, eye pain, and the occasional icky infection because my eyes couldn't take almost a year of wearing nothing but contacts. I had no choice (something I'm slightly bitter about) but America's Best had a two pair for a deceivingly low price sale. I say deceivingly. Its kind of like the old joke: "the ice cream is free, but its $5 for the spoon". That deceivingly low price included the eye exam and the frames, if you actually wanted the pieces inside the frame that correct your vision... well that was a different story.

I knew it was too good to be true. I plunked down $200 but I get two pairs of glasses with an updated perscription. It all worked out for the better I guess, and I'll get them inshAllah in a week. I sure do hope I get those other glasses back (s...) since they have some sentimental attachment to them (please s). I'll upload pics when I get the new glasses and see what you guys think.

* Oh, I made a wordpress because I wanted to make sure I got my name and for protected post privilages. Don't worry I'm not gonna switch over to them because, well, I have decided that the wordpress format is of the devil. I've never had to work that hard on a website since my intro web development class 4 years ago. I failed that class for a reason, now I remember why.

I will, however, use it for protected posts like the aforementioned picture of me in my new glasses.

* I love coffee. Preferrably starbucks. Yes I know they are evil, but God their coffee is good.

Sinfully good some might say.


* Apparently my cell phone's text mssging program does not recognize the word "heist", I guess they don't want to be used for clandestined bank robbing schemes.


Alright kiddos, you know the drill, anything random you want to spout, feel free to hijack my comments section.

Its all yours.

You know you wanna.


Organic-Muslimah said...

Since I am stuck at my boring job, with my strange co-workers--a serial killer; food addict; psychopath who looks like he could be the next shooter at my University; and smelly Betty, I think I could use some venting space. Sigh.

The lady at Bath and Body Works yesterday ripped me off. I was charged an extra five dollars and I am pissed. I was tempted to skip my morning class and head to the mall, but I figured my education was more important, but I guarantee you I will be making a swift visit, very soon. I hate being ripped off!

My University is throwing a 'flavors of the world' spring bash, but they forgot the Middle Eastern/Persian flavors. I am protesting and offering a caterer's name to be included in the line-up!

I've decided that men suck.

I desperately need to go on vacation, like anywhere!

What's up with people not responding to your urgent emails? Yet they find the time somehow to email you when they want something from you!

Today, at the library, I stumbled upon a favorite read The House on Mango Street and it brought back cool memories.

I am currently reading a book about the history of homosexuality in America, thus far it's been interesting.

Organic-Muslimah said...

P.S: At least the Somali lady didn't try to pick-up your husband. A friend of mine was offered once a house, car and anything else if she was willing to share her American husband :-)

mezba said...

I never wore contacts coz I heard somewhere (maybe a rumour) that they actually cut your eye every day and at night it recovers.

It's pothole season here too and many joke that because Toronto was in the same fight as Beijing for the 2008 Olympics, all we have now are the holes.

Molly said...

Way to go Organic. Love it. And you get that money honey, it don't grow on trees. Especially when you work with a smelly betty.

and about asking for my husband, she wouldn't have survived.

Mezba- not true, really there is nothing wrong with contacts assuming you keep them clean (pretty easy). Wearing them 7 days a week is real hard on the eyes though. Most doctors recommend giving your eyes at least 2 hours of wakefulness a day without them in, which is why I decided to buy glasses.

Molly said...

Oh and I wish Toronto had gotten the Olympics.

ammena said...

salam, looking forward to protected blogs :P insha'allah you will let me know the password.. otherwise, well.. I will cry :) fi amenallah

Molly said...

ha! I'll let ppl know to email me for the pass, don't worry I'll give it to you. Basically its a girls only thing so as long as I know you and know you're a girl. lol.

Mama Kalila said...

I'm in shock.. I don't think I have anything random right now! Unless you count the fact that I'm actually getting stuff cleaned here (we're about to move Kalila into her bedroom that we've been using as a comp room) for once lol.

I love the non existant brother thing.. that was funny!

Oh one random thing your first part reminded me of.. My husband says he has a jihad on cockroaches (is a regular comment by him) - you should see some of the looks he gets when he says it. That's ok, it's a jihad I share gladly... thankfully our Mumble takes care of any creepy crawlies for us!

rahma said...

Can you email from work?

You should totally come to the FIT class at 10:30 am on Sunday. It's not choreography heavy, and it's a great workout.

On the other hand, you should definately avoid the CRT class I took last night. Hoh boy, lots of difficult step patterns in there.

Also, I am po-ed. LT charged me an extra $80, and they keep transfering me to the Roseville support person, who is always unavailable. rrrr

Molly said...

what? not cool. Let me see if I have the number for the person we signed up with, is that who you keep talking to who transfers you? thats unacceptable.

Yes I can email from work, I'm in a small room by myself at the moment so I can pretty much do what I want.

Its nice.

Hijabi Apprentice said...

Salaams! I'm new to your blog (so okay I lurked a couple of times :)


My American very Christian hairdresser told me last night she didn't know there were Asian Muslims.

I'm slightly addicted to Tillamook Cheddar cheese.

I love going out to eat for breakfast!

rahma said...

Ok, got a hold of Roseville support. Even more po-ed now. Apparently, I had to give my insurance card right up front in order for them to start counting the 12 times a month to get a discount. So now we're more than a week in, and there's no way that I can go 12 times in the next 3 weeks. 20 bucks down the tube.

The customer service person was a jerk. No "I'm sorry for the extra charge and the inconvenience this put on you." Just "you have to take ownership of this and go to the club and get it straightened out." Argh!

I have Lindsay's card. I'll definately be sending her a po-ed email once I'm calmed down.

Molly said...

hijabi apprentice- you're hired!

I think you've commented though before. :D

Lurkers are welcome, commentors loved. :D

rahma- you go girl, thats complete horse apples.

The person who signed you up should have known, hopefully THEY will take ownership and give you the discount.

And you can absolutely show up 12 times in three weeks. stop by and swipe your card. easy as pie.

janene said...


Once was buying candy for my kids, they were circling me and the candy, and it was a bit distracting. The cashier decided to take advantage of the opportunity and overcharge me but I had a sneaky suspicion and examined the receipt and asked her to explain the discrepency...so she refunded the difference. Trust your intutition...


Did somebody mention cockroaches ? (see comment above)...flashback: I stayed at an apartment in Cairo. The bed was cotton, very hard and uncomfortable for my back. I decided to sleep on the floor. Still could not sleep as I was worried cockroaches might decide to crawl over me as I had noticed earlier that there were cockroaches floating in the toilet. The next evening I went into the kitchen, turned the light on and insects were crawlin' everywhere. I guess they liked coming out at night (or in darkeness). I stifled a scream, turned the light off and returned, without uttering a word, to my room. Prefered the bed from that point on.

Anonymous said...

i cant stand the smell of chicken these days

i love me some mango juice even though it hurts my belly hehe

I am obsessed with HBO's Big Love (about the Mormon Polygamy family) he has 3 wives. It's pretty interesting though, I have to fast forward past some naughty stuff.

i love play my little sisters webkinz.com hehe

the end


Safa said...

Love this post!...Starbucks is the devil....but I must have my caramel frap and chai tea!

Anonymous said...

btw did you know Ali and her mom from biggest looser are from Mesa? *woot*woot*

gulnari said...

Dude. That bus staring incident is way lame. Inside the jeehawd? Uh huh. What did she take you for? A conveniently placed manifestation of the shite written in the book?

Yes lady, lovely Molly here in her dainty dress is the nearest available example of "Militant Jihad". Feel free to fear her irrationally and take visual samples for further cheap ass analysis. Hazme el favor! Que mamadas! (lol perdon)

Molly said...

Gulnarita- puuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuras mamadas!!!!!!!!!! jajajajajaja

me daste risa pero riiisa! Gracias mamas.

Carebear- I TOTALLY thought her house looked like AZ but it didn't list her city. I didn't know they were from AZ. Represent.

Your morning sickness still hasn't gotten better?

Safa- Frappaccinos are so good they have to be evil, its like crack but legal.

Janene- wtf, who did she think she is? Good thing you caught it. And omg the beds in egypt were the WORST. Sometimes I would sit and cry in the middle of the night because it hurt my back so much. I never saw cockroaches (thank GOD) but those cotton mattresses are the worst. I'm contemplating how to get my feather bed pad to egypt with me...
Oh and the PILLOWS! I've slept on softer rocks.


j said...

Why is it that when im in a rush to get somewhere that I always get stuck behind a schoolbus,a realllly old person or someone who decides that 7am is a good time to sight see?!

j said...

That last comment was mine-Miss Muslimah

Molly said...

lol I was wondering who j was.

and uhm, the answer is murphy's law, I hate it.

Mine is traffic lights, they always turn red when I'm late and need them to be green. like this morning. gr.

Anonymous said...

Yeah morning sickness is better but I still have my days!

I was listing to the radio this morning (i love my war or the roses) anyway they interview Ali! She is actually from Chandler. Ali and her sister went & did yoga with the Dj's hehe
Yeah when I seen her house it looked like typical az living! hehe that is what got me wondering!

hey are you still hitting the gym?

Hijabi Apprentice said...

Oop short term memory issues. Thanks Molly :)

Umm Yehiya said...

I prefer Caribou, dude.

rahma said...

How about that new orange flavoring they have at Caribou. MmmMmm.

Ok, I've decided that people at the Roseville gym = nice. customer service people over the phone = suck. I'm going to do my best to avoid the phone people at all costs. I think what happened is that they charged me 2 administrative fees.

Invitation still open to join me for the CRT class on Sunday. You know you want to ;-)

Molly said...

umm yehiya I'm all about representin minnesota, but I just don't think caribou has the range of choice that starbucks has. sad but true.

rahma, class aerobics = opportunity for molly to make an ass of herself.

I think I'm gonna pass. Plus I prefer going at night when there isnt a million other people all up in my space.

Anonymous said...

As-Salaam wa-alaikum Molly,

I just stumbled upon your blog today(I am hooked I read it from front to back in one night)I admit I'm a dork too :-)

Here is my Wednesday randomness

*I also love Starbucks - you have to try a 1 pump mocha 2 pumps hazelnut latte

* I just found the coolest service that delivers organic produce to you home... even better I convinced DH that we should try it out.

Look forward to keeping up with you

Molly said...

Almost amira- hazlenut is my weakness, its either a mocha with raspberry or a mocha with hazelnut. My husband knew I loved hazlenut so much that he made sure our wedding cake was made of hazlenut. Welcome to my blog, birds of a feather love hazelnut together.

Mona said...

We get the Biggest Loser here, probably a season (or2?) behind...It's the one with engaged couples and families and stuff.

Egyptian pillows ouff!...I hate when people have that long brick-like one on a double bed...You have to share it! I can't stand hard cotton beds either.