Ahlan Wa Sahlan

Ahlan Wa Sahlan

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Work it girl!

Seriously peoples,

Look good for Jesus.

(You've GOT to be kidding me.... the virtuous vanilla really cracked me up.)


Mona said...

Just when you think you've seen everything. It is indeed offensive. Still kinda funny though ;)

Molly said...

And the kicker is that it wasn't Christians who did it. I could totally see some mexican abuelita with her 5 gorgeous nietas pandering Jesus-juice or compressed sangre del señor for a whiter complexion to people on the street. Christians doing it makes it sacrosanct, non-Christians doing it makes it sacreligious. I love the packaging though, I bet its a matter of weeks before its screened straight on to tees making an even more lucritive business venture for the company who started it.

I honestly want some virtuous vanilla lip balm, no matter how haraam it would be to carry something with the image of a Prophet on it. I'd scratch the part off and see if I feel any more virtuous for having used it.

It reminds of my days haunting the santeria shops with the candles of odd-named saints to help you win the lottery.

Oh how colorful catholocism was.

Anonymous said...

I seen this at virgin music store. its so dumb.

carrie your phoenix sista :P

Molly said...


Finally you stopped blurking. I love it.

UmmLayla said...

You know that Urban Outfitters would sell that stuff!LOL I'd get a kick out of it just for the kitsch factor!LOL So cheesy it's cool... In a wierd way...

Molly said...

I know right! I still, deep down in my heart, still want a shirt that says "Mary is my homegirl".

But I never could or would.


I love kitsch.