Ahlan Wa Sahlan

Ahlan Wa Sahlan

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Inty Aasel Part Two- cuz' there's two of them

My neices Gameela and Nunu*



Just so you can see how irresistable they are, mashAllah.

*obviously not their names.


Janene said...

So cute mashallah. Like little bambi's.

Deeeeeee said...

They're adorable Molly, msA. God bless them. :)

Anonymous said...

Assalamu alaikum,MashaAllah!!!Even after i became a mother of my two sweet little girls,I still have a special Love for my nieces.It is a special relationship.I love that they think i'm so cool.You don't get that from your own.

Molly said...

Janene- lol, like bambis. I love it. Thanks, I didn't exactly make them myself, but I'll take credit for it. I just pray that my children get the same genes as those two did for eyelashes.

Dee- Thanks dear! and God bless you. :) I miss them terribly.

anon- I hope I have a good relationship with them inshAllah. I know they love me, but they're still so young. Which is why I want to go back to Egypt, cuz I want them to remember me as someone other than tante whos always in the computer. I'm looking forward to talking to them in english, which will make my hubby's family happy and is probably the one and only really good thing I could give them. inshAllah.

Anonymous said...

They are to adorable for words.....

Mona said...

So cute, MashaAllah, and yes the eyelashes! AllahuAkbar.

Molly said...

Thanks AM! I love 'em. I hope the genes breed true through my husband and we have kids that cute inshAllah. They're even cuter in person. OMG I have video of gameela "bellydancing" to nancy ajram however my other neice H is a brand-spaking new hijabi and she's in it as well- hijabless. So no internet postage until I can figure out how to edit that part out.

Mona- I know right... eyelashes. MY nephew A from my husband's brother (the twins are from his sis) has double the eyelashes. He's gonna be a HEARTBREAKER when he grows up.

...and my brother-in-law has shotgunned one of me and my husband's future daughters as a wife already for him. lol. cept I'm too american for cousins marrying. I just don't think I could be ok with it.

anyways... eyelashes. they kill me. And those lips and the sweetheart faces. UGH.

Tabaraku Allah.

Molly said...

my mom sees pictures of those two, clutches her breast melodramatically, and moans about wanting grandchildren.