Ahlan Wa Sahlan

Ahlan Wa Sahlan

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Inty Aasel

For a brief second today I was strongly reminded of a moment with my 2 year old twin neices.

Mr MM had them on the webcam and was asking them:

"Meen dee?" (Who's that?)

And N said,

"Tante!" (Aunt)

To which G grabbed the mic and, practically swallowing it in her excitement, said,

"Inty aasel!" (You're honey!)


I miss Egypt just a little.


Organic-Muslimah said...

when do you see your hub next?

Molly said...

inshAllah I'll be moving to Egypt for a little while this summer. I would be there now except my cousin/best friend is getting married in June and I'm her maid of honor so I have to stay. But immediately after the wedding I'll be on a plane inshAllah.
I sucks, I miss him so much it makes me nautious.

UmmLayla said...

See, I got the answer... I was just asking you on a comment section of my blog if your DH is in Egypt. I am crying for you girl... It must be hard to have your hubby abroad:(

Molly said...

thanks honey, it does really suck. But Allah put us in the places we need to be, I have a lot of sabr alhumdulillah.

But I miss him, and Egypt, and my neices and nephews.

Mona said...

OH Molly, I hope we could meet up somehow, inshaAllah. But you'll stop liking me though.

Molly said...

Mona- why on earth would I stop liking you??? I DEF want to meet up with you if I move to egypt inshAllah.

Ahmed- I'm sorry, I had to delete your comment, it was way too friendly and my husband would probably want to beat you for it.

UmmLayla said...

I'm inviting all ya'll to our apartment in Agooza next time I am in Masr, insha'Allah. And I don't mean Egyptian insha'Allah (aka maybe)!LOL We'll have a blogger girls with ties to Egypt convention!LOL

Molly said...

LOOOOOL egyptian inshallah. hahahahaha.

Absolutely, I would LOVE it. When will you be in Egypt next inshAllah?

UmmLayla said...

Insha'Allah this summer. I'm shooting for June since that is when DH's birthday is and he's turning 40 this year so I'd like to have a big dinner for him there, don't tell him *wink wink*. My only problem is the daycare that we are building so I might not be able to stay as long as I would like. However hubster and the kids will be staying for a couple of months, insha'Allah.

Molly said...

omg! If I go to Egypt inshAllah it will be mid-June.
the wedding is the 14th so I expect to be on a plane inshAllah the 15th.

That would totally work out. Where is Agooza in relation to Warraq?

UmmLayla said...

I'll ask DH and get back to you... I'm not sure where Waraq is, but Agooza is old Cairo. And we have an apartment in Madenet Naser too.

Mr.MM said...

I count the minutes and the hours for your coming habibiti,I miss you so much ,I love you so much.
I am waiting To look into your eyes and see deep within,
Just one warm embrace,
Just to look upon your face,
Just one little touch,
From the one I love so much.