Ahlan Wa Sahlan

Ahlan Wa Sahlan

Monday, February 25, 2008


Today is going to suck at work. I had meant to post at some point during this afternoon but work is really going to suck instead.

And I forgot my lunch at home.

Sad, sad, sad.


****** lets make this post more random

I walked into the bathroom after one of our doctors this morning and was almost knocked over by the pervasive stench of raw vodka.

Hm...... He LOOKED sober... maybe it was his aftershave...


Why is it so yummy when I dip my french fries into MCD's "ice cream"?


Despite laughing uproariously about it in Egypt, and teasing my husband everytime he said it, I have been infected by the dreaded "ya3nee" that peppers all Arabic-speakers' conversations and monologues.

Ya3nee, I just can't get rid of it.


I have a coworker who insists on calling me Molly-olly. I just might get physically violent if she does it again. I should probably warn her.


Someone mixed a large handful of small paperclips in with my large paperclips. This is cruel and unusual torture and therefore illegal by the Geneva Convention. Just saying... I could press charges.


I had a bunch of other random thoughts buzzing around in my head. When I think of them I'll add them on.


Organic-Muslimah said...

In even better excuse to eat at the hospital cafeteria.

Cheer up :)

Molly said...

ugh are you serious? I think theres some sort of unwritten rule or union policy that the hospital cannot require the workers to make good food. They make food, but darnit don't expect it to taste like anything!

I'm assuming you've had good experiences with hospital cafeterias?


I was even gonna bring carrots to munch on.

Mariah said...

Oh how long our day will be! Le Sigh....

UmmLayla said...

Uhhh, now see that is the kinda thing that would ruin my day. I can fast, masha'Allah, but it's like I am a low blood sugar monster if I can't eat at regular intervals any other time.

Insha'Alla you will think of something for lunch;)

Molly said...

dear Mariah is sharing her carrots with me.

She's a saint.

and yes its going to be a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong day.

for sure le sigh.

Is it time to go home yet?

Molly said...

I also think lunch might possibly be from mcdonalds....

the eternal struggle between yummy but bad for you food, and disgusting but slightly less bad for you food.

I wish we had a subway here...

screw mickeyd's.

Asmaa said...

Sadly, I woke up too late to make a proper lunch. Work sucks without a good hearty lunch. grrr.

Also (btw, I'm asmaa from Disconnected Verses) I'm sorry for not getting back to you! I finally set up a system where I can get individual submissions and post them up under the name "visiting writer."

So you can email me a specific piece you'd like to put up, or I can look through the ones you sent me and choose. It's up to you. Also, can you send me a brief bio? :)

Molly said...

Asmaa- awesome, I was wondering about that. I just thought you guys didn't like me.

I have one I did not send to you initially but think might be good. Its about Islam... Not that the works have to be about Islam... Anyways, I'll send it along with a bio.

"Molly likes long walks on the beach and non-alcoholic piña coladas.."

Anonymous said...

Molly-olly that is so gross that you dip fries into ice cream...
that is soooo... against the law! You better not do that here in Phoenix :P

Carrie :)

Asmaa said...

Hahaha (okay so I came back to see what your reply was and saw the extended post) honestly though, I agree! Mixing large and small paperclips is just horrendous..what is wrong with the world!

also, you should try fries dipped in orange juice.

also, that ya3nee thing has not infected me (and thank God for that!) despite the fact that I'm Egyptian. But what absolutely kills me is the use of 7's and 3's in transliteration of the Egyptian dialect. It annoys me to such a great degree that my eye twitches sometimes.

Okay, I await an email from you :D

by the way I'm at work too and bored. hehehe.

Anonymous said...

fries dipped in orange juice eeeeekkkkkk!!!!!!!!!

ok ok people if must dip your fries in anything then dip them in mayo!! yumm thats the best!

btw..... what made you guys think, "Hey this ketchup is pretty boring... let me dip my fries in oj and icecream?" how does that process work? hehe


~*the mayo dipper*~

Lemons said...

You must be pregnant if you are dipping them fries in the ice cream (weird cravings)

Also pregnant woman have 9 times stronger sense of smell when pregnant.

So that would explain you nearly passing out from the doctor dripping in aftershave.

Not to mention you did not bring lunch today -- did you know forgetfullness is common when expecting?

Oh and lets not ignore mood swings! Yes, those feelings of rage towards the purveyors of nicknames --- well you know all about raging hormones during pregnancy.

Now I probably have you thinking you need to buy a home pregnancy test or something during lunch time! Hee Hee Hee I admit I am terrible. Or annoying. Or both. :)

Molly said...

Asmaa- my husband hates it too, with a passion. But then he'll write "ba7ebek" to me. He's hilarious.

yanee, I won't do it again :P

Carrie, I also dip my fries in mayo (yummmmmmmmmmmmmmm) as well as ranch dressing (triple yummmmmmmmmmm). I'm not a huge fan of the ketchup so I rarely dip them in that.

In fact I was at an egyptian restaurant the other day and I dipped my fries in the super-spicy garlic sauce rather than ketchup.

fries are versatile.

And the best food on earth for reals.

Molly said...

omg, despite being quite impossible, its an interesting theory.

However since my husband and I have been separated by an ocean and two continents for roughly 8 months, I think I'd have a lot of 'splainin to do. haaaaaaa.

astughfurlillah. hahahahaha

Molly said...

oh and carrie I routinely dipped my fries in my icecream at the mickeyd's on Thunderbird and 41st. :P
and no one arrested me. :P

Mariah said...

Muah-ha-ha-ha-ha....Now I know the secrets of how to drive you batty! (I will save the paper-clip info for a day when you are close to the edge already, then I will mix the large and the small just to push you over the edge!)

I love Fries and ice cream (though usually a malt). I know I am not pregnant, so I don't think your discovery is so very strange. It is the salty-sweet combo that makes chocolate covered pretzels and trail mix so delightful.

Molly said...

M you already drive me batty, who says you need to mix the small paperclips in.

Now I know it was YOU who did it.

Expect war...

Mariah said...

You made me laugh while I was eating an apple and that made me drool, just a little. I now have to mix the clips and tell C that you love the nick-name Molly-olly! Take that!!! The war is on!

Molly said...

you evil, evil wench.

Mariah said...

We are getting so much done today, it is AMAYZING!!! The best part of this exchange is that you are sitting right next to me, but we must leave threatening remarks on your blog. I can't believe we are being paid for this! God Bless America!!!

Molly said...


Sarah said...

molly-olly? bwahahahaha *ahem* sorry, yes you get ghetto on her butt if she does that again.
hmmm....mcd's ice cream and french fries? uhh.. yea...TOTALLY??!!!!
ya3nee, seriously, come on... it's so good ;)

Mona said...

I love this random post! Ya3ne.

Sarah said...

let me add... french fries and everything are really really good right now... gah, i've been eating so much french fries since pregnant.

speaking of that, i thought it was the pickles and ice cream pregnancy "fact" not french fries lol. which, funny, i have had cravings for pickles and ice cream... but not together. eick.

Ahmed Emara said...

Sister ;
thank you for very nice comment about Egypt and Egyptian , on Madam mona blog , But if you hate Egypt why you are stading here , But any way thank you again , about my signature I am usual to put it , but if you angery with it , I will not put it in your blog .
I hope your view about Egypt will be change one day
Best Regards

Molly said...

oh my goodness, I thought it was a wonderful comment, why would you be angry about me saying it was a funny but wonderful comment?

I didn't think it was bad.

I personally LOVE egypt- my husband is egyptian. Just if you men could please stop passing bodily fluid in public it would be a much more wonderful place. I was just telling the truth as I saw it.

And I thought it was funny that you put all your info, not bad funny, but laugh funny because if I saw that somewhere and you didn't say you were Egyptian, I would KNOW you were Egyptian because you put that.

Its very stereotypical. It didn't offend me. I just thought it was funny.

Wanna put your hackles down now?

Ahmed Emara said...

my sister Molly ;
Thank you for very nice words , I think I am not understand your first comment , But any way thanks for your comment , that is kind of you , I love Egypt very much and want it be the best , people maners , any thing the best .
I tray to change forign people view about my countery , thank you again for your post ,
If I can post to your blog again you can tell me
I will not put my signature ><

Molly said...

Ahmed, you can put your signature. I thought it was delightful and very egyptian. I had no problem with it at all.

Mona said...

Where's that eye roll smiley when you need it?