Ahlan Wa Sahlan

Ahlan Wa Sahlan

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Weakly Randomness

I've got a lot of tidbits and things to sound off on. Sorry for the chaos, but you'll soon see how my mind works.

A dialogue between myself and a gentlemen I checked into the clinic earlier as I'm walking towards the cafe for my lunch:

Man: Hey my mom used to always wear those scarves, but you don't see it much nowadays.

Me: *a bit confused* Oh really? Where's your mom from?

Man: Alexandria.

Me: *surprised* Alexandria, Egypt?

Man: Uh, Alexandria, Minnesota.

Me: Oh....

Man: Why, where are you from?

Me: Here, but I'm Muslim.

Man: Oh...

Me: ....

Man: ....

Me: So uhm, have a nice day!

Why the news makes me laugh sometimes:

1.) Not that this story really is something to laugh about because someone actually died, but when I was watching the news it illicited a very loud snort. One man shot another man after they "exchanged argumentative text messages."

First we date via myspace, then we send fightin' wurds by text.

When I think of two men fighting via text messaging brings to mind the image of two gay men slap fighting.

But thats just me. Its sad because the other man died (inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi rajioon) so just remember kids before you send that next text telling someone you're gonna kick their a$$ you might just have to put your money where your fingers are.

2.) Heath Ledger has died (see above dua) and in retaliation to losing the limelight Britney Spears went out again with the same "Muslim" papparazzo who had just appeared on a gossip show talking about his relationship with her.

And then the Feds, realizing that Britney's antics are no longer distracting the world media from our freefalling economy, decided to drop an interest rate the largest single amount in 25 years.

And it did nothing.

3.) When talking about afore-mentioned economic crisis the news played a 2 second clip of Pres Bush talking about something that must not have mattered because they didn't introduce him or play him for very long.

Also no one is quite sure when he arrived home again.

Some random things I've noticed about Masjids lately:

1.) You will never see creative parking like that at masjids during jummah time. All streetspace/parking lots within walking distance suddenly become little pieces of the Middle East where triple parking is perfectly normal. Someday it will be the Muslims who invent how to park cars on top of eachother and utilize it.

2.) The sisters enterance will never be obvious. At a new masjid sisters will circle the building three times before being directed to the door hidden behind a bush. Make time for it.

3.) Above rule will change during jummah. Good luck finding where the sisters have been moved to in order to make room for the extra men.

And finally something random about me:

I will automatically be drawn to something red. Its my new favorite color and my husband is the one who picked up on it before I did.

Good job habibi. Keep being so good at guessing what I like. It will pay out in the long run.


Zainab said...

Asalamu alaikum hermana!

Nice blog! I'll be visiting more often,insha'allah.
Until next time..

Molly said...

Thanks!I accept criticism/constructive advice!

I also accept visa and mastercard, but thats a seperate issue.

Amira said...

Masha'Allah, I was hoping you would come back!!!
You didn't lose your readers sister, we were patiently waiting for your return.

UmmLayla said...

LOL about the sister's entrance. Just head towards the men's entrance and surely a frantic brother will direct you to the women's entrance post-haste!!LOL

Now I have to say that here in our town the building was a church with a big gathering area at the main entrance... And the women got that one because of the way the prayer area was laid out (that door accesses the back). So we are an exception.

So here are my three stories about women's areas:

We went to a masjid in San Francisco while on vacation and we never did manage to find the women's entrance so I went in through the men's area and DH asked for a way around to the women's area. The men were really freaked out. No I mean really... Like I think I was the only women to ever invade thier space like that. You'd think I'd walked in on a stag film or something...

Once in Boulder, CO I went looking for the women's entrance only to discover that women never came to this particular masjid because there was no area for them:P I prayed at a friends.

And finaly, the women's area in Ft Collins is locked with a little key pad code thingi... So if you don't know the code you will stand outside untill another woman who does know the code walks in. Why not knock you say? Well the door in on ground level and the women's area is in the basement behind another door... They'd never hear you if you did!LOL So much for welcoming visitors!

ammena said...

what a random conversation to have with that guy lol... thanks for making me smile just before i turn in for the night :)

Molly said...

umlayla: LOL!!! a keycode? SubhanAllah. I totally go in men's enterances all the time at new masjids. I don't have the patience to figure out where they relegated us to. But I always find it hilarious at how at almost every mosque I've been in (here, or egypt) the way to the women's section has never been obvious. I was nervous in Egypt though, the time or two I rebelled and went to the mosque alone, because I didn't speak enough arabic to ask directions or understand even if I was given them.

Amira: I'm so glad I didn't lose anyone. Thanks for sticking by me!

Ameena: thats my goal in life, to make people smile, I hope I can make everyone smile more in the future.