Ahlan Wa Sahlan

Ahlan Wa Sahlan

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I thought all Muslims were terrorists?

Two minutes ago I had an adorable old man with a great sense of humor check into the clinic. After sharing a few laughs with myself and my co-worker he asks me, "Whats with the head thing? Whats with the scarf?"

I smile and say, "For my religion."

His face darkens, "Oh no, don't tell me... Muslim?"

I smile wider, "Yes!"

He shakes his head like like it was a tradgedy, "But I thought all Muslims were terrorists?!"

I tip my head and put on a sweeter smile, "Do I look like a terrorist??"

He answers, "I won't say anything." And walks away grumbling.

Do I look like a terrorist to you?

I wore my cutest pink today and everything.


The Retired Blogger said...

Salam Molly,

i suppose you "terrorised" him with your cuteness..

as cliche as it sounds, never judge the book by its cover.

Happy New Hijiri 1429 to you.

Zainab said...

Thats too bad...for him!

Some people are just too deeprooted in their hatred or ignorance to believe other than what they know(or dont know).**shrug**

Hope that doesnt bring you down..Keep smiling!

Molly said...

lol, nah dear it made me laugh. I'm oddly uninterested in what the general populace thinks of me. Thats what makes me a good public speaker also. But it is sad to know people can be so ignorant, and the fact was that my hijab didn't immediately alienate him because he was sitting and joking with my coworker and I and being funny. It was only after he found out I was Muslim that he stopped smiling.
Sad for him.
Not really for me. Thanks for telling me to keep smiling!
I shall inshAllah.

Mona said...

That is just. So. Sad. That there are people who literally EQUATE Muslim with Terrorist. sigh.

Molly said...

yes, and a muslim in a cute pink sweater too.


pink just isn't the same anymore, no one trusts it.