Ahlan Wa Sahlan

Ahlan Wa Sahlan

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I should have stayed in bed today

This is one of those days where it clearly would have benefitted me, and the world at large, to stay in bed. I forgot my cell phone and my work badge at home this morning, my hijab won't stay pinned, and none of the machines will work for me.

I'm not crabby so much as resigned to my fate for today.

But can I at least go home and go back to bed?

It would benefit us all.

Also I think I lost my readers. *tear* Am I so boring?

Is it Friday yet?

I have just been informed by my coworker (who I adore and is the only reason I stay in this job) that I am, now, officially the biggest dork she's met.
Woot! I've accomplished something today.

What are everyone's thoughts today? How is your day going? Feel free to complain on my comments section. I think its a bad day for everyone so let it out.


Organic-Muslimah said...

I am having this weird feeling that I must purge of everything I have (that I rarely use). I am going crazing with the amazon and ebay sites.

I am really irritated with my blog situation, but what can we do? I did start a wordpress blog, but I have no idea how to operate it, thus it's still not open to the public.

Life sucks.

yasmine said...

you haven't lost your readers. =)
(i'm not doing such a hot job of keeping mine either, come to think of it.)

yeah, it's pretty much a sucky day all around, so i feel your pain, buddy. it's a tuesday that feels like a monday, and, as far as my week is concerned, every single day is going to feel like monday here. gah.

being a dork is awesome. being the biggest dork that someone knows is quite an accomplishment, and thus pretty damn rocking. HIGHFIVE to you! =)

it's rainy and gloomy here, and i wish i could have stayed in bed, too. going to go warm up some soup now, to make myself feel better.

thanks for the invitation to vent.
have beautiful days, buddy!

Molly said...

Organica- I can't know how furstrating it has to be to be locked out of blogger. I know how frustrating it is for me to go to your page and have you locked out by blogger. I miss your posts a LOT.

Yaz- You too! not that you're locked or anything, but I love your randomness and you've haven't blogged in awhile. I miss your blogs.

I'm glad I'm not the only dork who had a bad day. I seriously wish I could rewind and redo this day from bed. I think I would have accomplished more under my blankets than I accomplished outside in the world.
Thank you guys!

Ibn ad Dunya said...

I still read you Molly!

Many thanks for the cartoon strip , made me laugh! The sad thing off course in an Egyptian context is that the government uses the Patriot Act as an excuse to tighten ¨terrorism¨ legislation further, as if the current emergency law and the ¨terrorism law from 1993 is not tight enough. They will drop the emergency law before the end of May and pitch the new anti-terrorism-law as a great improvement. In the process they have encoded almost all legislation governed by the emergency law into the regular law, so in the end we will end up with what probably will be an even more precise tool against fundamental freedoms.

Sorry for the long comment

Laila Hussein said...

Great Blog, Molly!
I will add it to my blogroll :).. Keep up ur great post!