Ahlan Wa Sahlan

Ahlan Wa Sahlan

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

New Post

To be found HERE.

As I will be moving myself to Egypt I am moving my blog over to wordpress for reasons to be explained in the future but pertaining to my family being given my blog info in order to keep tabs on me while I am gone. Obviously I am not terribly interested in having some family members read about my issues with them, not that I am seeking to hide them as they are obvious enough, I just would prefer to not have them read about it in a blog. Also my blog will become more expat-related and travel-ish so I think moving over to wordpress might be a good way to mark the change in my life. Poetic irony methinks. But I solemnly swear to still confess salacious and quite possibly useless things about the oddities in life. Just they might become more interesting while I'm overseas.

I hope everyone will be ok with the move.

Anyways check out my new post over on Wordpress.


ammena said...

salam, but wont they be able to find your new blog through this post?? or will u be making it private?

fatimah said...

just wanted to wish u all the best!insha allah
4 more days:)

Safiyyah said...

Salaams Sis:

If you read this prior to leaving, please say dua for me in the airplane.

Have a safe trip/Ameen.

Consider This said...

best of luck with it all - i ahve been reading your blog for sometime and like what i see. I am also trying to move over to wordpress but have been having serious issues with the formatting! did you find it easy?

the crazy jogger said...

wait.. cant ur family c this post..
n the link?

Amie said...

I think she means that she's giving them her NEW blog at wordpress and not this one. She doesn't want them to read THIS blog at blogspot.

Molly, I heart you.

Ma'salaama. Tell Egypt I'll see her soon inshaAllah.

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Mohamed said...

Molly -- safe trip over to Wordpress!! We will stay back at blogger and keep the fort.