Ahlan Wa Sahlan

Ahlan Wa Sahlan

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Un Bon Voyage

Tonight my family and a few friends got together for a bon voyage party for me and it was absolutely wonderful. I really have an awesome family and awesome friends and they are a blessing from Allah swt and a light in my life.

And honestly these were not even half of all the people I count as good friends and family either, but basically as much as my mom could afford to feed. I won't be able to say a good farewell to many of the people I will miss while I am gone, but I'm trying.

It was a wonderful night filled with a lot of laughter, hugs, and love. I could never fully explain the extent to which I have been blessed in my life. Alhumdulillah.

The one down point of the night was when my paternal-grandmother handed me a brochure from ACT, a blatantly Islamophobic/xenophobic group backed by little to no research and filled with incindiary claims that are never really proven with facts, or well names or citations for that matter.

In example (quoted directly from the brochure):

Did you know...

-Hamas terror cells are in place in dozens of cities across America?

(Really?? Like where?)

-Islamic Militants have infiltrated the FBI, CIA, and our military, and some have been arrested and convicted for terrorism and related charges?

(Really?? Like who?)

-Universities throughout America indoctrinate students with pro-Islamic, anti-American, anti-Israel bias that whitewashes the truth about militant Islam?

(Really?? Which Universities are those and how come I never got accepted??)

Anyways, you get the point. Visit the website for more of their enlightened ideas: www.ActforAmerica.org because everyone needs a little xenophobia in their day.

One racist a day keeps the darky away.

I never blogged about how this grandmother also ambushed me at Oogie's bridal shower and told me she was not ok with my decision and that she thought I needed to do more research and talk to her pastor.

The same pastor whose apparent authority on all Islam-related things comes from ACT!, who gave her this brochure and must have thought this very well-written piece of golden 'truth' would set me back on the 'right path.'

Uhm, yeah.

But, this was only a minor speed-bump on the road which was my bon voyage party and all the love that was showered on me. I saw my dad, I went and picked him up actually and brought him with me and dropped him at home again so it was nice to spend some time with him.

Some of the family that came tonight I may not see until I return from Egypt, but some of them I will see again at Oogie's wedding two days before I leave.

Their love for me astounds me, I wonder how I'm worthy of it, but I love them just as much and will miss them so, so much while I am gone.

My maternal-grandmother wrote in her card to me:

"Do you remember when I told you that you will learn to fly your wings?! Funny, I meant down the street. Not around the world.
We will miss you."

I'm going to miss you all too.

Until we meet again...


ammena said...

im glad youhave family and friends around you like that, it makes things easier.. although harder to leave :) Allahu alim. Have you ever sat down with your grandmother through one of these booklets (after you did your own research of course) and pointed out things from the quran and such that proved it wrong? Cant believe its nearly time for you to leave.. hubbie must be very excited and you? are u nervous? insha'allah it all works out and we will meet up in the future insha'allah :D fi amenallah

Mai Daader said...

I wish for you wonderful stay in Egypt, i know it´s a bit sad that you are leaving your family but i think in Egypt you will have a better chance to increase your knowledge about islam because there you can find a safe awesome sisterhood in islam inshaAllah, if you really need a good one ask me and i can help you.

once more i wish you the best stay ever in Egypt.

rahma said...

Hey chica, sorry I missed it :( As I was heading out the door at 4:30, someone snagged me to work late. Ah, joys of the law firm workplace.

Sometimes with grandmas it's just better to smile, nod and make dua. My grandma asks me the same thing everytime i see her - do I have to wear the scarf and can I wear pants. I just let it go and focus on enjoying the time we have.

Anonymous said...

""Do you remember when I told you that you will learn to fly your wings?! Funny, I meant down the street. Not around the world.
We will miss you.""

that seriously made this preggo get all teary eyed! hehe

Mama Kalila said...

hope you have a wonderful trip... sorry about your grandmother though, i know is hard when family does stuff like that.

Anonymous said...

Assalamu alaikom,
Awww... That is so touching. Bon voyage, by the way!

For your other grandmother... I know it's hard. My mother is like this sometimes, she will read something from a dodgy source and take it as gospel. And you can't convince her otherwise. So I sympathize. She's worried, she cares, but she's being given bad information by someone she considers an informed person.

Take care!