Ahlan Wa Sahlan

Ahlan Wa Sahlan

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

OMG! Its Wednesday!

I totally forgot. Random Wednesday guys!

* About four years ago I used to always shop for organic, especially when I was eating mainly raw fruits and veggies and lost around 70 lbs. Maybe because back then I was a carefree college student with expendable cash and few bills that I never really realized how $&@ing expensive organic produce is. Or maybe four years ago organic was not the trend that it appears to be now so then they were thankful for shoppers and now they're just bleeding us for all we're worth.

Fact of the matter is I don't get paid enough to buy organic.

Which really sucks because non-organic produce tastes like plastic and deeply diminishes my enjoyment in eating it. This is up there on my top ten list of things that suck.

* Today I had to go get a mugheadshot to attach to my resume. I'm planning on applying for some positions in Egypt, inshAllah, and apparently you must have a picture of yourself on your CV. Imagine if you had to do that here:

"Wowza is that guy FUGLY! He's definately not getting the job."

Really though, why? How based on looks can a country be? And as ethnocentric as this is going to sound: I'm thanking my lucky stars that I'm light-skinned, blue-eyed, and American because it will help me get a job.

I feel like I'm moving to live in the US pre-civil rights.

PS is anyone here good with photoshop? One of my eyes came out all squinty in the picture and the ghetto place I went to take it didn't even have a digital camera. Even in EGYPT they could show me what it looked like before they printed it out, but not this place. Oy.

* I love going to Barnes and Noble and curling up on the comfy chairs and reading. Its in my top five list of favorite things to do, especially when it involves drinking a latte at the same time. I went to a local B&N and got a Starbuck's, but at this location they had actually had the baristas invent their own latte flavors and name them. In honor of one of my favorite movies "Robin Hood Men in Tights" I ordered it's namesake, which also happened to have my fave flavor of hazlenut. It was a good time had. And considering it was just a bit after I signed up for the gym it was my last sin before sainthood. I'll probably go tomorrow and read some more since this is my week off.

* I'm going to have to start taking the bus to this new position next week because parking in downtown Minneapolis can cost as much as a one room apartment. I'm not really looking forward to it, but there's a park and ride from the mall next to my gym. There's a reason for every rhyme. Oh and I long ago decided rush hour traffic is bad for my health and that I really don't share well with others. Its my road people, so get out of my way.

Its better for everyone if I take the bus.

* When I was in Mexico all the venders kept giving me super good deals on stuff because I spoke Spanish. You know, the raza discount. If only I could speak Arabic and get the same thing in Egypt. *sigh*

* I actually can't think of that many random things today on such short notice. I know I have more. They maybe possibly be added on Thursday.

I'm sleepy right now.


Safiyyah said...

Salaams Sis:

I also try to grow as much as possible in my garden.

Eating organic is like pay me now or pay me later. If we don't eat well now, we pay for it with health and doctor bills later. All that junk accumulates, ya Allah.

Molly said...

my point exactly. blah.

Amie said...

Salamz - you keep stealing my post ideas. I just started my blog and I was going to blog about my running and my grocery shopping bill - I too shop organic. : P

UmmLayla said...

Don't worry about the discount thing in Egypt... You will have the "Masha'Allah, look at the American sister in hijab" discount. Trust me I get it even here in the US at Arab groceries!LOL

As for organic, don't get me started! Crunchy with four kids doesn't always add up to a low grocery bill. But you can help defray the cost by making things like bread yourself. Oh, and not buying the prepacked things (aka oatmeal from the bulk bin vs dry cereal). I have been thinking about doing a post on it. Of course it involves either not eating meat much or buying in bulk (which we do). Anywhoo. There are things that it is worth it on (berries and grapes) and some that it is not (bananas). I'll have to get some things and post them on my blog about the subject, insha'Allah.

I like random Wed. I am all about random.

Asmaa said...

whether or not you spoke arabic, egyptians would rip you off. hehe.

Mona said...

I can't go shopping with my polish friend. She speaks Arabic and quite well, but always gets ripped off because she looks foreign. People here will always try to get more for something if they can and to them...foreign means rich...My Egyptian friends taught me to haggle!

Molly said...

UmmLayla- when I was in Egypt I got the "don't ever talk in the taxi because they will rip us off" lecture. I'm not sure the mashAllah a convert means much to salespeople in Egypt. Maybe yeah in the actual stores, cuz those people seemed pretty cool, but definately not on the street. I went shopping with Sarah for some at home galabeya and when the salesperson asked Sarah why I didn't talk, she told him I was a mute.


I somehow think I will be at a serious disadvantage in Egypt when it comes to shopping.

Molly said...

asmaa- lol spoken like a true egyptian ;)

Mona- does she know how to haggle though? I think I will be at a disadvantage not speaking arabic, but I can haggle with the best of them. If I think its too expensive I won't buy there. I dunno it always works in mexico. Than again I speak the language.

Molly said...

Ummlayla- Oh and also, I generally don't go for the organic milk bread and cereal stuff, that I buy normally although I'm sure its healthier to go fully organic. When I go to co-ops I go for the produce because thats where it really counts for me. However its just too damn expensive.

Amanda said...

Dude I spend WAY too much on food (living in California with their crappy prices doesn't help!). But, I think Yas and I Spend like $140 every two weeks on groceries or something like that. We don't even get that much, but we like to buy all that organic/vegetarian stuff which is wayyy overpriced. Did you know a gallon of milk here is $5?? It's insane...like, more expensive than a gallon of gasoline and that's saying something!

janene said...

In a couple of months I am leaving for Cairo along with my husband and 3 kids (6 years and younger). Husband will stay with me for 3 weeks and return back to Canada. He is dropping me off to stay at his parents. Did I mention they do not speak English? Did I mention I do not speak Arabic? Its ok, his bilingual sister is staying with us. Still I am a bit worried.

Anonymous said...

Forgot to add, I am only visiting for three months.

If you are applying for a job, I gather you are staying for a decent amount of time -- or permanently?

janene said...

whoops, anonymous above was me, janene

UmmLayla said...

You are right Molly, I guess it will depend on where you shop in Egypt!LOL I always have my DH or my SIL with me anyway. And I have heard the cab lecture too!ROTFL But there were some guys in Khal-khalili that were very cool with us. Even my SIL was amazed at the prices they gave us... And she's all about bargains!LOL

I have asked myself the question about buying the day to day stuff... But we always shopped where my MIL shopped for things like groceries, Alpha Market(is that it?) which is just like markets here. Anywhooo, unless you are there long term it won't hurt that much even if the the fruit guy does rip you off, but it is a little annoying!

Mona said...

InshaAllah, you can learn arabic, Molly. Yea my friend tries to haggle but she still over pays.

Amira said...

Salaam Sis,

I know what you mean with the pics for resumes! In germany you had to submit your High school Diploma, and college credit transcripts or any type of Diploma you ever received, WITH a passport snapshot of you. I never understood it either, But it is something that all the companys do, no matter where you apply for a job.

Insha'Allah you will get a GREAT job!!


Mama Kalila said...

Understood on the organic thing! We're trying to move to it, but the prices don't make it easy... Right now I'm just doing it for my baby's food (making my own) when I can find it... unfortunately some stuff, even in a big city, I can't find organic at the main stores.

Molly said...

mona- yeah prolly, more excuse to make mr mm go buy everything.

"but habibi they overcharge me!" *bat eyelashes*

Amira- So its not just that Egyptians are weird? I seriously could not imagine if they started doing that here. People would be up in arms.

And thanks dear! I'm terrified, excited, and slightly dizzy with the prospect. But inshAllah. I really hope so, and even to get into HR? InshAllah.
Ya rab.

Mama Kalila- Our grocery stores have organic, but their prices are worse than co-op. I swear, 4 years ago the prices were the same and now? what changed? popularity of organic and thats IT.

greedy bastards.

Forsoothsayer said...

well, where are you guys regularly shopping that have haggling? i haven't haggled in forever, and i live in cairo full time. maybe taxis but i usually just give a fair price and walk away. anyway molly, we'll sort u out.
btw u do NOT need to provide employers with a picture. i never have and i've been offered interviews and jobs.