Ahlan Wa Sahlan

Ahlan Wa Sahlan

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Boy Wednesdays come around fast

If only Friday afternoons came this quickly.

* So yesterday, I managed to get on the wrong bus.

Only me peoples, only me.

I left work like my tail was on fire and got to my bus stop earlier than normal so when I saw a bus for my route go past I ran to catch it delighted that I would get back to my car sooner. In the process of running (since it is apparent that I am unable to even walk and chew gum at the same time) I did not check to make certain it was the correct bus when I got on. I settled into the seat self-satisfied and called Rahma to apologize for blowing right past her on the street in persuit of said bus. At some point in our conversation I realized that either my bus driver had found a new, better, route to get back to the park and ride or I had managed to get myself on the wrong bus. Ending the call and inquiring of the gentleman sitting next to me I found, to my complete and utter chagrin, that it was in fact the latter and instead of heading towards my familiar east metro park and ride I found myself unceremoniously dumped on 252 and 694 in the far northwest metro.

In the pouring rain.

The Glorious Miss M, with whom I had a dinner date and was scurrying back to my car as quickly as I could for, came and picked my stranded a$$ up and we abandoned plans for delicious Pho Tai in favor of the fantabulous Afghani restaurant Crescent Moon, since we had so luckily found ourselves in that neck of the woods.

It was delightful, and semi-made up for my prodigeous blunder.

We also then went to JoAnn Fabrics to see if we could find resin and pendant frames in which we could create jewelry something like this and were informed, by the JoAnn CRAFT STORE(!!!) employee, that our project was "just too crafty." I didn't realize that was possible.

* There are a million Canadian Geese running around, and just yesterday I noticed that one pair is ahead of the game and already has a small brood of adorable goslings to look after. Aww.

And one goose this morning, possibly in an effort to look cool in front of his friends, decided to nonchalantly saunter across the road in front of me. Fortunately I break for living creatures because the way he stopped right in the middle to check out the very large vehicle moving quickly in his direction made me wonder if, for evolutionary purposes, it might be better to remove him from the gene pool.

I also get kind of emotional when I see dead Canadian geese on the road because they mate for life.

* There are always 'homeless' beggars standing with signs at the top of the off ramp my bus takes and more often than not it is one particular gentleman who looks just like Santa Claus, and when we passed him the other morning the thought popped into my head that if even Santa Claus is out of work then our economy really is f***d.

* When I was in Egypt last summer my husband and I were discussing superstitions in our respective cultures and I explained that Americans think the number 13 is unlucky so a lot of buildings, especially the old ones, will not have a thirteenth floor. It will always skip numbering from the twelfth to the fourteeth floor, which does not mean the floor is not the thirteenth floor, because sequentially it IS, but it will never be numbered 13. The building I work in is one of such buildings, we do not have a thirteenth floor, and we have gargoyles on the roof. Really ugly ones.

Anyone remember the Gargoyles cartoon from forever ago?

* I've been doing research on hypoglycemia and hyperinsulinism because I think I might have one or both. Anyone have these/ know anything about them?

* For awhile at this job I was one person doing the work of at least three. At the beginning of last week we got a second person from my temp agency and the clinic hired a new girl so for about a week and a half I wasn't running around like a chicken with my head cut off.

Then I come in today and find that they have ended the contract with the other temp girl for some completely unknown reason that probably stems from having their heads firmly lodged somewhere in their lower bowel system and here I am stuck doing the job of three people again because the new hire and her trainer enjoy shooting the breeze and hanging out more than they enjoy working.

I'm pissed. Its just not a good day today.

Since today seems to be my piss and moan day, feel free to do the same for yourself as needed in my comments.

Random Wednesday people, you only get it here.


Safiya Outlines said...

Salaam Alaikum,

I love Canada Geese. Is it strange to say that I want to hug one and kiss its cheeks?

Molly said...

strange? No. Highly likely to get you seriously injured? Yes.

They're mean muthas, I think they're cute but I defintately won't be cuddling any. :D

I thinks its lovely you like to kiss animals on their cheeks though, how european of you. ;~)

rahma said...

*Watching what you eat really does work. Who'da thunk it? I stopped eating out, go to the gym 4 days a week, walk at lunch sometimes, and I'm actually losing weight! In the past, I've just exercised a bunch and not really lost anything.

*The husband has bribed me with a cat if I lose 20 pounds. He thought it would never happen. 4 pounds down, 16 to go, bwahaha!

*I made kick @ss mahshy and OmAli this weekend. The husband said it tasted just like home, and from now on, we didn't need to go to Marina, because I could cook better than them. awwww.

*Sometimes I almost get on the Maplewood Mall bus. I see "Mall" and go, ah, that's me. Duh, my bus says Rosedale, no mall anywhere on the sign.

Hijabi Apprentice said...

"Anyone remember the Gargoyles cartoon from forever ago?"

That was my cartoon!!! It was so "grown up" to me. I liked Batman and the Justice League too :).


*A teenager proceeded to serenade the inhabitants of downtown Seattle this morning with a hair-raising and horrifying version of Hazel Eyes by Kelly Clarkson. **shudders**

*I keep a bottle of olive oil in my shower that I moisturize while still in the shower.

*I am extremely happy that at 5 months preg I can still wear all of my regular clothes and I am not big......yet.

*I think kosher hot dogs taste WAY better than halal hot dogs.

ma'a salaamah,


janene said...

I once left the university late evening and went on the RIGHT bus that went in the WRONG direction. The bus driver was knew, he forgot the route and was just zipping around ... finally the other passenger (there was just me and one other guy riding the bus) explained to the driver the proper route.

I have a LOT of scary bus stories.

Another time the bus nearly took off on me whilst my foot was caught in the front entry door (my other foot still remained firmly planted on the sidewalk outside). The look on her face (and mine too, I suppose) was priceless.

Molly said...

Rahma- Thats awesome that you're losing weight, I'm excited for you.

But for real mash Allah, you need to show me how to make OmAli. And what did you use for mahshi? regular american jumbo green peppers?

HA- Word! Someone knows the Gargoyles cartoon? That rocks. I loved that cartoon.

Olive oil?

Janene- I'm way lucky with my bus, I take the one that all the business people take so we get the cushy seats and I don't have to deal with mentally unstable co-riders. Well.. except for that one lady who is still reading "Inside the Jihad" and still looks at me everytime she takes a pause.

UmmLayla said...

OMG, my brother LOVED the Gargoyles... SO of course I know it... Randomly, DH saw it on a stay here when he was in college and HE loves it... Go figure.

I am hypoglycemic. What do you want to know girl? A great book about diet for people with blood sugar issues is The Insulin Resistance Handbook. Check it out. Basically it talks about eating in a way that stabilizes your blood sugar, and it does work.

My randoms... Since I think I have a few this week...

*I found lovely shrimp at Sams on Sunday and made it for my shrimp loving offspring for dinner.

*DH who proclaimed war on all things jilbab about 10 years ago called me today and told me that he bought me 20 outfits in Egypt... All either jilbab or those jilbab with pants set thingis. And he can't wait to see me wearing them??? Who is this man and where is my husband???

*The next call he asked me if I would change my hair color for him, the hair color that was one of his requirements for a wife.... Once again, where's my husband?

*I have gotten more done in the past week than in the entire year combined... And I still had time to watch three movies.

*I am thinking about getting a pot bellied pig as a pet for the daycare we are opening... And I'm wondering is that halal??? Walahi I won't get hungry and eat him!LOL

Amie said...

* Yesterday, when driving to the customs office on mine and my husband's long excursion to fix his status, we were put into a standstill by a giant, pissed off Canadian goose in the middle of the road. It just kept hissing at us.

* My cat's in heat. I want to kill her.

* I read that your diet can determine the sex of your baby. (http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/24262928/) My husband will probably be forcing me to consume Frosted Flakes for months now.

* I'm hypoglycemic and have low BP (which is better than high). Ask me what you wish.

* I got pooped on by a bird. Ew.

* I washed a spider down the drain today. (Double ew.) The mofo surprised me when I was brushing my teeth. Not cool.

gulnari said...

Hola! I

Do you find this cute or disturbing?


tee hee. It's one of the most memorable songs of my childhood.

* "too crafty"!?!?! What a weird thing to say. If you find resin but can't find blank pendants, try doing a 'test' craft on some bottle caps or jar lids. :) You can make collages of random knick knacks inside. If you want you could also glue magnets on the back and put them on the fridge.

* Inside the Jihad lady is still there?! XD Why don't you wink at her. :D Disturbingly...like a fake-salacious wink. lol.

* lower bowel system! heeee! con la cabeza en el Q-Lo!

* Mi bebita tiene piecesitos como tamales. Planos planos. Quien sabe de donde los saco.

rahma said...

OmAli is deceptively simple - frozen puff pastery cooked and crumbled into a cassarol dish, add 3 cups of warmed milk mixed with sugar to taste, sprinkle with lots of raisons, mixed nuts and shredded coconut. Bake in the over until the top is brown.

I make mahshy with grape leaves. You should come over sometime before you leave, so I can show you how to make em so you can impress the husband ;-)

Mama Kalila said...

i missed it again... i blaim my husband because he's been off on wednesdays lately... plus i've had an extra baby too.

anwyas, i'm hypolgycemic too. pretty much the only want to find out for sure is to get tested, and i won't lie it's not fun. a day spent at the dr's, nasty drink and 7 needles in the arm. was worth it to know what was going on though. like the others said, all ya can do is adjust your diet.. and know if something triggers it. for instance i cant eat anything w/ a ton of sugar like glazed jelly stuffed donuts. i love them, but if i eat them i get this sick high feeling and a little while later my sugar bottoms out. same with orange juice. on a happy note, it almost went away while i was pregnant.. and is still a little better than it used to be. i need to look inot that book mentioned though.

my daughter broke the keyboard on this comp the other day. i cant capitolize anything or use question marks or exclamations. it stinks

we've started working out too. walking in the mornings is great.

i almost miss my days of taking the bus... was interesting lol. i never got on the wrong one though... did have some other adventures lol.

Asmaa said...

Canadian geese mate for life? sigh.

Yeah this week was pretty crappy. I hate my job and I feel like I don't know what direction my life is going. Sounds fairly emo, eh? that's my specialty :D

I like your random wednesdays. they make me happy.

American Muslima Writer said...

I'm new here and what a cool idea to have random thoughts all at once much crazier than trying to make 100 blog posts about each subject and stuff it all down readers throats..or forget ing to say it anyways I'll add.....

*AHAHAHA yes do give that jihad book lady a sly wink and report back.
*My best friend growing up had lots of animals like goats, pigs, cows, steers, dogs, cats, yup she's studying to be what else? a vet. She also had geese and they were nasty buggers. always hissing and man I'd hiss right back and they totally go wild. Hmm I hiss at a lot of animals if they are ticked off at me, cats and dogs too. People too but usually the words start forming Hissssshut the ** UP!
*I was hypoglycemic durring first preg but now i guess i'm a little better. I'm just trying to avoid diabetes since veryone in my family has it. Even our cat had it before she later died.
*I do miss buses. Esp Middle eastern (lebanon) ones where you gotta cram in with a million poeple and no one has room to breath but you all sit and stare at each other and wish they'd all go away and yuo'd have the bus to yourself. I always read books on busses and in middle east.... i was rare.
*Every city I've moved to I've memorized ALL the bus routes except for this first time here in Al-AIn UAE because we dont have local buses.
*If you want to know what you'd really need to bring with you on a trip think of everything burning in a fire that you own and thinking what would you really miss. Take those things. Only those things. The rest is replacable and will just be in your way in life
*I used to like randomly flipping through phone books and reading weird ads and names...no time to do that anymore with kids around.
*I miss Arizona and I found my Tucson calender and stared longingly at each picture of my home city. Weird now I see pictures on the news of Lebanon and feel the same.

Umm Layth said...

as salamu 'alaykum Molly

I really do think I am hypoglycemic but it just never shows when I get tested. I know how I feel and I know it is what it is. I would recommend visiting westonaprice.org and reading Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon, along with the Thumbs Up books here: http://www.westonaprice.org/bookreviews/index.html.

PM said...
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PM said...

Idiot me thought you had found an Afghani restaurant that served Vietnamese food! That would be my idea of Paradise. LOL!